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Motivational Babies #6

What’s better than motivational quotes and pictures of babies? Nothing. Except maybe chocolate chip cookies. Mmmm… I made these images a couple years ago and have been rolling them out for a while. Haven’t posted any since December 2013, so

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Two & One

Why do we have two   Arms   Hands   Legs   Feet   Nostrils   Ears   And eyes?   Yet one   Heart   Mouth   Chest   Gut   Mind   Body   And soul?   Perhaps

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“It’s all So-so” We now know. Also No-shows Know it’s so. Although No go For a show, We go Below Status quo.   Within Walls we Worship God, Give good Gifts to Glory, ad Monish Polish Up our crud Christen,

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Hildegard of Bingen

Hildegard of Bingen shines like a flame through the ages.* She was a woman of her time, speaking to the broken Church, rebuking the sin and encouraging the faithful– and still her words ring true almost nine centuries later. She

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