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Remember   When the night falls And the lights go out As I lie in bed I hear a voice “Remember”   Then we recall All our days of doubt And how God spoke in a still small voice “Remember”

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Jealousy rears its ugly head A ram-like creature with two horns Disbelief & Dissatisfaction One hits you straight in the spine Crumpling & crumbling your security & stature The central column & core of your life Can fall out of

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Solutions for being unable to sleep Too many thoughts? Write them down. Too many worries? Pray them away. Too much light? Flip a switch. Too full bladder? Empty it out. Too much mess? Clean it up. Too many plans? Think

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If There’s Love

The art of the heart is a music unheard of Sweet song beyond psychology, psychiatry and reason Fire inside The heart has reasons that Reason doesn’t even know Gracing Presence The heart sings with rumbling that few souls hear Purpose

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My mind is tired. After almost 20 years of schooling, I’m ready to be done.  I joke with the kiddos at church often, saying that I’m in 20th grade, or something along those lines. This is usually followed by: “And

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“Be Cool.”

I just want to be loved, be liked, be accepted, “be cool.” I swear, this has been a pursuit for my entire life. “Being Cool– The NeverEnding Quest.” More like “Being Cool– The NeverSatisfying Quest.” ~:~ Heck, let’s be honest–

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Memories & Objects

Over the years, we’ve had computers, external hard drives, flash drives, thumb drives, CDs, DVDs, CD-Rs, CD-RWs, Mini-CDs, memory cards, SD cards, MicroSD cards, 3.5 Floppy Disks, Floppy Disks, and more… and now, of course, we have “The Cloud”– or

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icur: The What

Teresa, a saint with her love and her doubts, said it best: “We can do no great things, only small things with great love.”  Perhaps you and I can’t create a culture of good news, good works, and goodness found in Christ (though isn’t

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The Four

It’s somewhat fascinating. What is it about the structure of four that it is so recurring?  There are all sorts of different groupings– a duo, a triad, and of course a quartet. I think it’s interesting to look them over

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Wilt Thou Forgive?

I found this hymn years ago and loved the lyrics– who hasn’t had these fears and storms within?  I put it to new chords and finally made a recording– poor, I know, but I’m happy it’s somewhere other than my

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icur: The Why

Who are you?  We get this question on a daily basis, in word and glance and attitude and within. We answer and identify ourselves by our appearance, our occupation, our age and race and economic status and educational background, where

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Yoda said, “Do or do not. There is no try.” I disagree. Sometimes, all you have is try. For “good enough” parents. For cancer patients, living on hope. For the depressed man, mustering all his strength to simply get out

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Motivational Babies #5

I created these a few years, combining the “aww” of babies and the “awesome” of motivational quotes. Some are funny, some are serious, and some are just awe inspiring. And some are just stupid. More at http://motivationalbabies.blogspot.com.