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“It’s all So-so” We now know. Also No-shows Know it’s so. Although No go For a show, We go Below Status quo.   Within Walls we Worship God, Give good Gifts to Glory, ad Monish Polish Up our crud Christen,

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Hildegard of Bingen

Hildegard of Bingen shines like a flame through the ages.* She was a woman of her time, speaking to the broken Church, rebuking the sin and encouraging the faithful– and still her words ring true almost nine centuries later. She

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The Brutal Attempt

This is one of my most transparent, vulnerable posts– a stream of consciousness description of a morning struggle with depression from a couple years ago.  No pictures or jokes or videos, just my thoughts, jumbled and mangled as they are. Part

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So Sure

I was so sure. I had met the girl of my dreams and everything was perfect. I remember saying these words (or something along these lines- I don’t have phonographic memory!) to a mentor back home just a few weeks

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Who Feeds You?

Who do you trust? Who do you follow? To what extent do devotionals, news articles, or encyclopedia entries speak absolute truth? I’ll give you the background of my question. As I was preparing some lessons for our Sunday morning Children’s

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