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Dicey Driving


  Game Supplies 1 vehicle 1 die (or corresponding number of dice to number of vehicles) Instructions 1. Start driving 2. Whenever you are ready to go, roll the die 3. Whatever it lands on determines what you do at

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Faith inscription on a granite block

I have thought about this for quite a while. What is faith?  Is it a decision, a life-style, a belief, an attitude, a trust… All these and more, and yet, we seem to pinpoint faith to specific moments in time.

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Something simple.  But I was quite proud of this creation, made it last spring after a few hours of working in the snow with no gloves. When I returned the next morning the sheet was gone.  I hoped a homeless

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Kids React


One of my favorite channels on YouTube is Kids React by the Fine Bros. I love the childlike wisdom coming from these… wise children.  It’s so encouraging to hear them nay-say the silly internet trends and cute to hear them

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rest arrested

Rest Arrested

Waking up, staying still.  Too warm to move.  Close eyes, too early. There is work yet to do, but nothing is too urgent.  Nothing as urgent as sleep.  No urge as strong. Merely a pile of dirty dishes, dirty laundry,

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Fun YouTube Nonsense


http://showmenonstop.com/ This site allows you to search for a topic and watch non-stop, full screen videos that load one after another.  It’s very aesthetically pleasing and could be your replacement for TV (no, not really).  And if you want to

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Down a road I walked for the first few days of life Breathing in and breathing out, I tasted love and ran about But in came rush and apathy and ignorance and– Then I left, too soon, breathing in and

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You Can Be A Super Hero!


Here’s a talk I presented at Cypress Christian School Elementary Chapel. 1.You can be a Super Hero!  You just need the right supplies Volunteer Supplies Cape- Fabric Sheet Mask- Duct Tape, Cardboard Technology- Random things from around the house Secret

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Card Game- All the Cards!

Day 33 - 52 Pick-Up

All The Cards! A game that promotes creativity, teamwork, and quick learning, all the while staying fun, quirky, and random.  Can be a new game every time! 1. Take: –          Playing Cards –          Uno Cards –          Dutz Blitz Cards –         

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