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Card Game- All the Cards!

All The Cards!

A game that promotes creativity, teamwork, and quick learning, all the while staying fun, quirky, and random.  Can be a new game every time!

1. Take:

–          Playing Cards

–          Uno Cards

–          Dutz Blitz Cards

–          Rook Cards

–          Skip Bo Cards

–          Quiddler Cards

–          Phase-10 Cards

–          Pit Cards

–          Apples to Apples Cards

–          Monopoly Community Chest and Chance Cards

–          Collectible Cards

–          Business Cards

–          Any cards!*

*Any cards that are around the size of a playing card.  No birthday cards—too big.

2. Mix them up and Shuffle

3. Deal 5-10 Cards to Everyone

4. Begin play

5. Create the rules of the game together


Alternate Play: For two players, split up deck and play like War.


(Inspired by “The Office” episode “Garage Sale,” the “Recess” episode “All the Principal’s Men” and personal experience in creating the game “Backwards Uno”)

Created by Evan C Weppler 2011


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