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Dicey Driving




1 vehicle

1 die

(or corresponding number of dice to number of vehicles)


1. Start driving

2. Whenever you are ready to go, roll the die

3. Whatever it lands on determines what you do at the next major intersection.

– This also depends on what type of road you are driving.

– If you are driving on a highway, the next turn would be an exit.  In a neighborhood, at next intersection or stop sign.  On large road, next stop sign or stop light

4. The die numbers are as follows:

  • 1- Keep driving forward
  • 2- Turn left
  • 3- Turn right
  • 4- Pull over and stop at next opportunity
  • 5- U Turn at next opportunity
  • 6- Wild- Choose your own
5. The goal is to arrive at random places and get out, explore the area, walk around, take pictures, go visit a business/neighborhood.  So when your turn takes you to a place to stop or your roll a 4 or just choose to stop, you get out and explore an area you never would have explored.
6. Then after you’ve had your fun, get in the car and play again!
Warning: Be careful in dangerous neighborhoods.  For example, if you are driving around the desert regions of Tatooine, beware of Tuskan Raiders.

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