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Muppet Lord of the Rings

I made this the other day after seeing that some artists had done mashups of Lord of the Rings and the Muppets.  It started as a simple idea, but it grew bigger and bigger.  I decided to incorporate all the main Muppet shows, The Muppet Show, Fraggle Rock, and Sesame Street.  These are all Muppets, as they come from the Jim Henson Company (and for other reasons).

The main concept was, “What if the Lord of the Rings actors were all Muppets?”  That led to some obvious choices and some other hard ones.  Though the Fraggles are, in some ways, more like Dwarves, I decided they were good representatives of the Elves.  Kermit and Fozzie Bear were taken from one of the mashups– Kermit as Frodo and Fozzie as Sam work so perfectly.  After a while I decided to cast almost every Muppet in almost every LOTR role.  I am quite proud of this, and posted it to reddit, where it received a total of 4 comments or so.  Oh well, still fun.


(1st Row) Frodo/Kermit, Merry/Gonzo, Eomer/Rowlf, Bilbo/Uncle Travelling Matt, (2nd Row) Sam/Fozzie, Pippin/Rizzo, Eowyn/Miss Piggy, Gollum/Animal, (3rd) Gandalf/Big Bird, Legolas/Bobo Fraggle, Faramir/Bert, Treebeard/Zoot, (4th), Aragorn/Grover, Gimli/Flex Doozer, Boromir/Ernie, Denethor/Cookie Monster, (5th) Saruman/Oscar the Grouch, Arwen/Red Fraggle, Theoden/Sam, King of the Dead/Statler, (6th) Sauron/The King Gorg, Elrond/Boober Fraggle, Wormtongue/The Count, Barliman Butterbur/Waldorf, (7th) Witch-King/Dr Bunson, Haldir/Wembley Fraggle, Theodred/Scooter, Lurtz/Swedish Chef, (8th) Mouth of Sauron/Dr Teeth, Galadriel/Mokey Fraggle, Gamling/Elmo, Witch-King’s Steed/Beaker, (9th) Aragorn’s Horse/Barkley, Celeborn/Minstrel Fraggle, Tom Bombadil/Floyd Pepper, Shelob/Giant Spider Muppet, (10th) Gandalf’s Horse/Snuffleupagus, Arwen’s Horse/Sprocket,  Goldberry/Janice, Snaga/Pepe Prawn Shrimp, (11th) Rosie Cotton/Zoe,  Uglúk/Telly Monster, Grishnakh/Lips, Gorbag/Guy Smiley, (next 2 orcs) Mauhúr/Mr Johnson, Shagrat/Herry Monster, (12th) Elanor Gamgee/Abby, Ringwraith/Crazy Harry, Balrog/Sweetums, Smeagol/Robin, (13th) Frodo Gamgee/Baby Bear, Orc/Lew Zealand, Hama/Murray Monster, The Eagles/Henrietta and The Chickens


Larger Version at http://i.imgur.com/8g3Js.jpg

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