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Coming Attractions

Coming Attractions- For Me

1. I will soon be finished with my thesis, defend it, and graduate — I will!  I must!

2. This Sunday, during the 9:30 hour I will be teaching on Joseph for the Middle School ministry

3. Then, during the 11:00 hour I will be giving a monologue as Joseph for the toddler and elementary children

4. In a few weeks I will be going to Behold the Lamb of God, and see some of my favorite artists with my family and friends

5. In a few more weeks I will be in Canada with my family for a White Christmas

6. After that, I will be celebrating Christmas (late) with my Texas family

7. And later that  day, I will be reuniting with my friends from Forest Glen


Coming Attractions- Movies

1. The Muppets- It’s out, but I can’t wait to see it

2. John Carter- March 9, 2012- I have been waiting for this movie for more than 7 years and it’s been postponed for more than 70 years

3. The Avengers- May 4, 2012- Should be awesome!

4. Dark Knight Rises- July 20, 2012- See above.

5.  Les Miserables- December 7, 2012- I would love to throw in a million exclamation points to show how excited I am about this (and I just found out as I was looking at future releases) but I will stay calm and simply say this: I’m excited

6. The Hobbit: Part 1- December 14, 2012- I hope this maintains the same feel as the original trilogy, while giving a new spirit about the story.

7. Many many others


Coming Attractions- Etc.

1. A Very Potter Threequel- They announced back in August that they are working towards making this happen- I sure would love one more part

2. Arrested Development- They announced a new season and movie will be coming out in 2012 or 2013, and it will have to be hilarious

3. Road Trip- No, not the movie- I would love to take a road trip next year at some point

4. Alcatraz- Hurley, I mean, Hugo, I mean, Jorge Garcia has a new show, with JJ Abrams and other producers and writers from Lost.  Better be awesome.

5. Forest Glen Day Camp 2012- I have done some work on the theme and hope that it will get ironed out in the next few months- Can’t Wait

6. Seminary- Don’t know where, don’t know what, but somewhere, sometime, soon, hopefully

7. Etc.


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