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  I’ve always been interested in the concept of verses. How they influence we read the Bible, how we memorize Scipture, how we understand God. This is, apparently, related to “paratext,” a concept in literary interpretation.  Just like going to

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Motivational Babies #1

understanding and peace

I created these last year, combining the “aww” of babies and the “awesome” of motivational quotes. Some are funny, some are serious, and some are just awe inspiring. More at http://motivationalbabies.blogspot.com  

Commercial Lampoon


Something along these lines– A television show focused on mockery of commercials, ads, trailers, etc.  So often I sit and watch these ads that are so deserving of parody, but nothing arises.  Of course, these are the problems:   –

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The following is a piece I wrote about the Vespers service at Baylor for one of my English courses.   Present GATHERING in PEACE & QUIET. It is 3:30 Vespers on a sunny Thursday afternoon at Baylor University.  Miller Chapel

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I am almost finished with my thesis on the Pevensie children and the virtues.  I still have more work to do on it, but I’m almost there. And this sums up my entire Fall.   Sigh.

The Kingdom


“Long, long ago, the Emperor of the Far Away Lands sailed through the Strait of Nobility, across the Sea of Virtue, and landed on the shores of an uncharted land. He placed the Venerable Charles Schultz in charge of this

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This is a pre-summary (summary of the work before the work is finished– kind of like an outline, but more fun) of what I will be speaking on for the Middle School students at Cypress Bible Church this Sunday morning.

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