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This is a pre-summary (summary of the work before the work is finished– kind of like an outline, but more fun) of what I will be speaking on for the Middle School students at Cypress Bible Church this Sunday morning.  I still need to develop it more, but it is over the story of Joseph and our story with God.

Joseph was a carpenter.  He repaired broken things, crafted sturdy pieces, and was paid for work.

We find ourselves broken, but we cannot fix ourselves, we cannot fix our relationship with God.

We find that we can do nothing good on our own, that we are not good at all.

We are paid for our sinful work—paid with death.

God is the master craftsman.  He repairs broken things, our relationship, even our souls.

He crafts peace and makes us good, makes us to do good works.

He does this all through Jesus Christ, His son, our gift of life.  We do not deserve Him, but still he gives.

The story of Joseph shows we cannot earn salvation, but we have Jesus, who saves us from our sins.

The story of Joseph also shows that God calls us to what He has prepared us to do.

Joseph was a hard worker, a righteous man—he was faithful in the small things.

God thus saw that he was able to be trusted with the high responsibility of raising Jesus.

When we are faithful in the small things, God will call us to something He knows we can do.

The story of Joseph is a story of works and faith—faith for righteousness, works for redemption.

Jesus is the gift for the world, and we too can be a gift if we hear His call and live faithfully.

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