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Recent Discoveries

There have been a number of films at the back of my brain, constantly chewing on my grey matter and making me wonder, “What was that?”

In one successful evening, I have now located three of these productions.



1. Somewhere in Dreamland

This is at the top of the list because I had even forgotten that I had forgotten about it.  It features the creativity of Max Fleischer and a mother that greatly resembles a certain Olive Oyl.  But the story is about two children filled with hope, and it’s a fantastical little animation.


2. Music Land

I still have not rewatched this, but I know it is the missing animation.  All I could remember about this piece was a tuba and a battle.  It’s a Silly Symphony from Disney made way back in 1935 (one year before Somewhere in Dream Land).  It has a sort of Romeo and Juliet story to it, and is quite fun.  Can’t wait to watch it again.


3. Peter and the Magic Egg

This is the best I can do as for footage of this animation.  I really searched long and hard for this one and don’t know why it never turned up.  I just knew it was an Easter movie featuring a special egg.  Couldn’t remember much more than that.  Anyway, it’s available on Amazon along with some Dorothy movie, and I hope to get it and watch it again some time soon.


It’s funny how these little things can get to us over time.  A lady’s perfume.  The taste of a certain candy bar.  They imprint themselves on our memories and we don’t even know it.  Then, years later we try to find those little marks, but it takes time because all the while the marks have layered on top of eachother, like a mangle of footprints in the dirt at an outdoor concert.  If we’re lucky (and the Internet helps) we can find those distinct marks and once more enjoy those little things.


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