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Dollar Store Game


Back in my senior year of high school, my friend Trent and I were exploring Cypress, chillin’ out, relaxin’ all cool… When we made our way to a dollar store.  And thus the game was born.


1.  You must go through every aisle of the store (though you may rush through the toiletries section)

2. Each person chooses three (3) items that are stupendous, awesome, crazy cool, neat, interesting, odd, nice, or unique.

3. The person who chooses the BEST items… wins!


– As you explore, if you see items that you want to purchase for other reasons than the competition (a pair of socks, some hand soap, a book), you may do so, but you must notify your fellow competitors that those items don’t count.

– Judging may be done by a non-competitor external judge, or you may decide as a group who wins

– If someone wants to buy the same items, whoever noticed them and brought attention to them first can make them competition purchases.  The other person may purchase said items, but not for the competition.

BIG RULEHave a considerate attitude.  Don’t mock people that shop at the dollar store or make fun of the store– you can enjoy the items and joke about the items, but when it spreads to people, it becomes cruel and rude.  The game is about finding cool items, not hurting others.


It’s such a simple concept– shop and have fun.  But simple concepts really come to life in the presence of good friends.  Pointing out cool gadgets, marveling over awesome Spiderman toys, wondering who might need a giraffe back-scratcher– it’s so much more fun to do it with others than do it alone.  That’s why you should shop together and have fun together.  It also makes the competition better when your competitor is right next to you.  Better grab that kitty candle holder fast!


My friend (the leprechaun) got this wonderful blade from a trip.


Mountain Dew chapstick, plane shooter, penguin and socks.  FTW.

My friend _____ should have won for the belt alone.

This was an interesting buy.

I like socks, as you can tell.



Anyway, try the game!  It’s quite a delight.  Have a good night!

(And don’t go to certain “Dollar” stores, like Dollar General or Family Dollar, because only a few of the items cost a dollar.  Try the ones above.  Have fun!)

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