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Mannequin Player & T-Shirt Mashups

Here are a couple of ideas that have been floating around in my brain for a while…

1. Mannequin Dock/Player

I first imagined this before the rise of mp3 players, and I just loved the idea of the CD player in the head.  Here are the main parts of this design:

A. Ipod/Mp3 Player Dock- Right in the Chest

B. CD Player- Up in the Head

C. Tape Deck- This isn’t as likely, but could be fun

D. Speakers- Two speakers in the ears

E. Volume Control- Twist the nose around for volume

F. Play/Stop- Two semi-circle buttons in the right eye

G. Rewind/Fast-Forward- Two semi-circle buttons in the left eye

This would be a fun item to have in your dorm room, at home, or at the office.  The trouble would be doing all the internal wiring– but it could definitely work.


2. T-Shirt Mashup

I imagined this a few years back as I considered the possibility of changing out your shirt without actually changing the shirt– there are so many graphics and logos and texts to emblazon on your shirt, wouldn’t it be nice to switch it up during the day?

The t-shirt would have twelve snap buttons in a square or rectangle on the front.

You would have squares or rectangles of fabric shirt graphics (probably backed with a stronger fabric than mere T-shirt cotton) with twelve snap buttons on the back.

You could have multiple varieties of swatches and switch them out to make it look like you’re wearing a new shirt each time!


Who knows?  Maybe I’ll make these happen someday.  Maybe you will.  But now they’re out of my brain and out on the web.  And that’s a relief.

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  • The mannequin would catch on in certain niches. There is the novelty of music from a human head that would be interesting, but who’s head would you listen to? Your favorite musician, politician, sports star…endless possibilities.

  • I never even thought about that– being able to use a certain person’s head would be amazing. I think that some would be impossible because they might sue, but Beethoven? Socrates? Plato? Hmm…

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