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18 Memorable Films from My Childhood

  • A Bug’s Life / Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace – The 2 only movies I saw in the movie theaters in Norway.  A Bug’s Life is still my favorite Pixar movie, and I still really love Phantom Menace, Jar Jar Binks and all.
  • Genius– This movie really got to me when I was in 5th grade.  I felt very sad after struggling to figure out who I liked—crushes are powerful on the playground.  I remember writing in my journal that I wished I could be cool, like Chaz in Genius.
  • Jurassic Park– The funny story here was that I saw this movie when I was 6 or so—even though it was PG-13.  For some of y’all that was pretty normal growing up, but not at my house.  My dad got the movie, thinking it was PG, and saw it with me and my sister.  He only discovered the actual rating after my Mom got home and told him.
  • Casper Meets Wendy– This movie was also important when I was in 5th grade- because it featured Hilary Duff before she was Lizzie McGuire and famous.  I also wrote in my journal that I thought Wendy the Good Witch (Hilary Duff) was a “hottie hottie hottie hot girl.”  (I was a ladies man back then.)
  • A Goofy Movie– I would dance to the Powerline song at the end of the movie and thought I was a pretty good dancer.
  • Tarzan / Hercules / Iron Giant – We watched these three movies at an AWANA (group focused on Scripture memorization) Pals and Pioneers (3rd-6th grade boys) sleepover at the pastor’s house, up in the attic.  There was a fully furnished apartment up there and we enjoyed games and other fun activities, and finished off the night with the movies and finished them the next day.  These are still some of my favorite movies.
  • Home Alone 3– We saw this in the theaters in London right before the turn of the century.  I know my family probably hated it, but I loved (and love) this movie, in a way more than the original two.  After all, it has a parrot and a remote control car with a video camera!
  • Lost In Space– We watched this movie at one of my birthday parties. It was significant because I got to explore one of the Norwegian video stores and decide which movie I wanted to watch.  It was an alien themed party.  I liked aliens.
  • Hook– In England, we had a room (called the Green Room because of the… actually I’m not sure why- the wallpaper?) where we had the computer and a couch and TV console.  And in some of the drawers were some VHS movies, some I wasn’t allowed to watch, including Hook.  Having seen it since, it was probably too violent for 5 year old Evan, and it isn’t that fantastic—but because it was forbidden (and why THAT one stuck out in my memory, I don’t know) it always seemed special.
  • Matilda– I loved the Roald Dahl book, and this movie (though different) was in the spirit of the original.  I definitely tried to move things with my mind after that.  Was disappointed to find I could not.  Nor could I fly.
  • Baby Geniuses / Baby’s Day Out / Babe– The first had Doc from Back to the Future, the second featured a Gorilla, and the last had a farmer serenading a pig.  Who wouldn’t love all three of these.  Though I must say, only the last has maintained it’s cool.
  • The Fifth Element / The Adventures of Baron Munchausen– I remember watching The Fifth Element on Channel 4 (or 5) in Norway and… man it was weird.  So I liked it.  I liked (and like) weird stuff.  For my story on The Adventures of Baron Munchausen, click here.

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