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Now What?

My thesis is done.  My thesis is submitted!  My thesis is JUST NOW APPROVED!

So now what?

I have a few months before camp starts, and then I’m off to seminary after that.  So what are the next few months going to be filled with?

1. Cleaning House– Literally.  Trying to organize all my stuff, donate or give stuff away, pack stuff for camp, seminary, storage– It’s going to take a while

2. Seeing Friends– I’m making sure to catch up with anyone and everyone I can.  Around town, around Texas, and beyond, as soon I will be taking…

3. Road Trips– To visit seminaries, visit friends, visit other cities and states- I love driving and exploring and being out and about.

4. Building Habits– Trying to lose some weight and get in shape, develop good sleep and work habits, building accountability with others, staying active.

5. Camp Prep– I will be working at Forest Glen Christian Camp as an Assistant Day Camp Director, and there is a lot of work to be done before June!

6. Seminary Search– Doing research online, comparing schools, thinking, praying, and discussing them, visiting and traveling and (eventually) deciding…

7. Creating Stuff– I have stories to write, songs to develop, art to make, crafts to… craft– While I have this freedom I must take advantage of it.

8. Learning Things– There are so many gaps in my knowledge.  I need to fill them in with help from my parents, family, friends, etc.

9. Enjoying Life– After all this work and effort, I am going to enjoy these next few months.

So if you want to meet up, hang out, do something– I’m free!


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