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31 Classic 90s TV Shows on YouTube

I have fond memories of TV shows of my childhood. A few years ago, I remember searching the Internet to re-watch some of these 90s classics and finding very little. But over these past few years, things have changed.

You can find a great abundance of 90s classics all over YouTube, some broken into segments and some full episodes. So if you’d like to relive some childhood memories (as I do, all the time), check out YouTube and look around. In fact, here are a list of thirty two of my favorite shows that you can enjoy online.

1. Boy Meets World

2. Doug

3. Recess

4. All That!

5. Hey Arnold!

6. Sister, Sister

7. Smart Guy

8. Honey I Shrunk the Kids, The TV Show

9. Microsoap

10. Kenan and Kel

11. Legends of the Hidden Temple

12. Art Attack

13. Rupert

14. Little Bear

15. KaBlam!

16. Bump in the Night

17. Wishbone

18. Sabrina, the Teenage Witch

19. Student Bodies

20. USA High

21. Aladdin

22. Hercules

23. Shining Time Station

24. Today’s Special

25. So Weird

26. Goof Troop

27. Muppet Babies

28. Round the Twist

29. Figure It Out!

30. Pepper Ann

31. Timon & Pumbaa

32. Salute Your Shorts


And Many More. Go have fun and Explore! And let me know what show you enjoyed the most when you were a kid!

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