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 I hope you are all celebrating Christmas wherever you are. Tuesday is the day where I usually go over News– and what better news is there than the birth of hope in Christ? It is good news itself, the gospel.

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Motivational Babies #4


I just love these things. And not cause I made them, but because I truly find them to be motivational… babies. I was feeling down the other day and browsed the originals and just loved almost each one.  


Bread 2

Bread. I like bread. All sorts of bread. French bread. Italian bread. Croissants. Baguettes. Hawaiian sweet rolls. Wonderbread. Dark German bread. Pretty much any type of bread, I can enjoy. (Except Bagels. Don’t really like bagels.) That being said, because

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columbine friend of mine

I had other plans for today’s post, but the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut just brought tears to my ears and an ache to my soul. Here is a video featuring the song, “Columbine, Friend of Mine” written by friends

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I struggle with depression. I don’t know how long, but it’s flared up over the past few years. In my senior year at Baylor, it was the major factor in delaying my graduation for a year. Even as I went

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Chase Scene

From Fear to Freedom or Final Failing

A student gets frustrated as he studies hard– so hard that he basically destroys his books. One book is not going to take it lying down, and it makes a great escape. Who will win? This video was produced in

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