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Fun Ideas for a Dream Home- Part 1

Well, that’s not exactly the best title, but it’ll do for now. No, I’m not filling this post with dollar sign shaped swimming pools or trampoline basketball courts (though, granted, both would be cool). No, this little post is about fun ideas I’ve developed over the years that I would love to incorporate in my home in the future. I could do some now, but most of these require more space and freedom than one finds in a leased apartment.

There is definitely a theme here, and the theme is STORY. You see, I would like to create a home where visitors enter in and find entrances into story worlds around every corner. Even more, I would love someday for my children to grow up in a place where Fantasyland is in your backyard (and no, I don’t mean that you live real near to Orlando).

So here are a few ideas I’ve had for magical, fantastical elements for my future home.

Hobbit Doghouse

I searched the internet for what I was picturing and couldn’t find it (isn’t that a familiar story?). So here is a Hobbit house a man built for his family in Wales. Now, I don’t want to live in a Hobbit house, but I do think it would be a special place in the backyard. I would try to make it large enough for the dog but also for the kids (and maybe a squashed adult) to hide away. It needs to be packed away into a hillside with a nice round door. Really, this is the image that conveys what I’m thinking, except just image one small hill and replace Gandalf and Bilbo with a Cocker Spaniel and an eight year old.

Narnia Secret Room

I almost have the set-up for this in my current apartment, I just don’t have the expensive, antique customized wardrobe. Whoever did this above did a great job, though I’d be happy to make it with a larger opening in the back so adults can join in the surprise. Also, I’d try to make it a little harder to notice, maybe with hanging black fabric or a swinging panel. But behind the wardrobe– bam! secret room. Maybe a library, maybe a play room, maybe a theater, who knows.  But one moment you’re hanging up a guest’s coat and the next, you’ve disappeared! They open the door and peer inside, and find another world behind the coats.

(PS, it’s also tempting to do this with a Tardis, however, it’s more common to find a large wooden wardrobe than a large blue police box sitting in the hallway).

Little Prince Moon

As far as I know, no one else has thought of this yet! Or at least, they haven’t posted it online. (The Internet sure can be an ego killer, as you go from “I have all these great ideas!” to “Everyone and their brother already thought of this five years ago” real fast. But it’s still fun to explore and dream.)  I love The Little Prince, as did a certain Mister Rogers from a certain Neighborhood. I would love to give the Prince a place to live in my home, and this is how.

I have been wanting to buy one of these for a while, simply because they seem awesome. But my idea has been to print out a cardboard image of the Little Prince, ruler of his moon, and place him atop the glowing world and set him somewhere special in the house.


This is enough for now. I have plenty more ideas, but you’ll have to wait around for more. In the meantime, what about you? What are some fun novel creative ideals you could make your home more fantastical and wonderful?


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