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Another Year of God’s Welfare

A poem of hope in the winter season



Brace yourself for the winter’s bane

Rushing in like refreshing rain

Spring erupts and breaks the bonds

Of snow and ice and hail and frost

Wretched death is finally gone

A memory eternally lost

Forgiveness blooms in fields of grace

God’s children play and dance all day

Mercy sunlight parts the clouds

Anointing healing pouring down

A wounded oak tree reaches out

Fruit bearing branches to the ground

Summer follows Spring so sweet

Cool breeze replaced by sweltering heat

The grass is green but growing dry

No shade to hid from blazing light

All day the land lets out a cry

And prays for change all through the night

Change does come in Autumn’s form

Gold orange and red becomes the norm

The Days of Jubilee begin

Where feasts seem like they’ll never end

Harvest gold the people win

But soon their joyful song they rend

For winter has returned again

To haunt the flesh and souls of men

And bundled in their winter fear

All must look to God for care

Wait for the green of grace to appear

Another year of God’s welfare

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