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3 Favorite Christmas Movies

I tried to figure out my top ten favorite movies, then it became a top 23, then I didn’t want to write about that many, so I decided to pick 3 favorites– maybe not the favorite favorites, but ones I really enjoy. Hope you might enjoy them too!

The Muppet Christmas Carol

I love this version of the Charles Dickens classic. Yes, it’s because of the Muppets, but also because of Michael Caine, the ghosts, the songs, the acting, the narration, the songs, the proper Muppet character matching, the mix of silliness and seriousness, and the songs. Those songs make me oh so very happy any time I hear them. I can’t pick a favorite, but do you have one?


Jingle All the Way!

Come on. I don’t need to say why this movie is amazing, do I?  Ok, I will. Arnold Schwarzenegger. The kid from Star Wars. Sinbad. A ridiculous plot Mall Santas. Phil Hartman. Rita Wilson. An evil reindeer. And so much more. It’s Turbo Time!


A Charlie Brown Christmas

If you don’t know why this movie is a Christmas classic, you need to rush out and find the first copy you can and watch it as soon as you can.  Here’s the best part:


Merry Christmas Everyone!


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