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Drink Deep of the Depths of God

Raise high your glass to the rain of mercy

Let the waters overflow

Raise high your glass to the flood of forgiveness

Let the waters heal your soul

The clouds are dark, they are bulging with rain

They are gray, yet brimming with grace

Water fall down from the River of Life

Cleansing showers from the Father of Lights

The floodgates of heaven are opened by Love

Rebirth and Anointing flow down from above

And as He overwhelms you in His overwhelming floods

Your weary spirit cries out…


Drink deep of the depths of God

As the Spirit hovers over your cup

And your thirsty soul shall thirst no more

As the reign of God fills you up


Speak to the Rock, and He will pour out

Streams of mercy, never ceasing

There is a fountain filled with blood

A Coming Fount of every blessing

The famine and drought will soon be replaced

With life-giving blood from Immanuel’s vein

And where the drops fall, like dying seed sown

Children of God rise from valleys of bones

Thunder rolls and the curtain is torn

Christ drinks a cup of suffering and scorn

Death washes over him, Like a ship in a storm

Sailing to the Undying Lands, yet in the morn

He rises like a baptized soul

He says “Drink this cup, my blood poured out for you”


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