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9 Moments of 2012

As the minutes are ticking by, I thought it would be nice to look back on the year and see some of the big moments that defined the year.

1. Finishing my Thesis- Receiving the email from my professor that everything was good to go was like a breath of fresh air. So happy to have finished that project.

2. Graduating- Walking across the stage, all I could think was– “Ok, there goes my tassel… wait, did I do that right? is it supposed to go further? can people tell? do I look freaked out?!?”

3. Haskell- My grandpa Haskell passed away this year. I didn’t expect it to happen so soon. He was always such a strong character with some rough edges, but now I treasure all those moments I spent with him.

4. Forest Glen Summer 2012- There are too many memories, too many instances of joy and life and challenge and growth to list. But it was a sweet end to 16 odd years out there in the woods. And who knows what’s to come…

5. Last months in Texas- That year of living back in Cypress with my family was so nice, spending time with friends, going back to Cypress Bible Church, enjoying home before we had to move.

6. Going to Wheaton- Though it’s been a hard semester … real hard… I still find it amazing any time I walk around campus. I’ve wanted to be there for so long, a place of history and heritage, and now I’m a part of it all.

7. Adventures in Odyssey 25th Anniversary- I had to drive for hours from camp to Irving, Texas, watched the show, stood in line for hours until I got autographs and met the cast, drove for a few hours, slept in my car… but it was worth it.

8. Rich Mullins Tribute- It was so special to celebrate Rich Mullins’s legacy with a group of people impacted by his life, sing his songs, hear stories, and sing along with him through old concert footage, so powerful.

9. Hutchmoot- Another great event, fun sessions, good conversations, but it was also a landmark experience for helping me understand my identity in God. I was comfortable with people and comfortable with myself… nothing like it.


There’s more, but I’m posting this before it’s 2013.  Happy New Years Eve!

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