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4 Directions, 4 Aims, 4 Seasons, All For God

In class the other day, I started doodling and came up with this image.  Of course, it had little to do with class, but that’s how my mind works. As I thought through it, I really felt that it was concise and simple, yet covered all the important parts of the Church. That being said, when it comes to seasons, I know this is a Northern Hemisphere, Western perspective on things. I also believe that there can be a different order– one doesn’t have to follow the other. But it does make sense– go from Worship to Mission to Devotion to Fellowship, starting with the Spring of the New Year. Or you can start in the Fall, where the school year and some other occupations start over– Devotion to Fellowship to Worship to Mission. I don’t say this is THE way to see things. But it is an interesting perspective, if I say so myself.

Up- All glory and thanks and praise goes to The One who is above us. We are to look to the hills, for that is where our help comes. We are to keep our minds on higher things and raise our hands in worship to God.

Out/Forward- We are called out to go out to all nations, carrying the good news and being Christ to a dying world. This is leaving our comfort zones, leaving home, moving forward wherever God calls us on mission.

Down- We must dig down deep in order to root ourselves in God’s truth, in order to discover all of the Father’s goodness and the fruit of His hands. When we grow in discipline and Scripture and prayer, we grow in devotion to God.

In/Withdraw- We must be one. We are called to one family, one body, one Church. We must make connections, build relationships, welcome others, and bond and be bound together in the love and fellowship of the Spirit.


Anyway, just some images and thoughts. What do you think?

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