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Calming Music for Falling Asleep

I don’t know about you, but I usually have trouble falling asleep.  No problem staying asleep of course… but going to bed can be tough at times. I’ve tried all the good habits, and sometimes they work, sometimes they don’t.

But I do enjoy listening to music as I go to bed– though it must be rather quiet and calm music, or else I will follow along in my head and not be able to rest.

So here are a couple of albums and artists for you to consider for falling asleep.  This isn’t because their music is boring– far from it.  Each of these artists create an ethos of peacefulness, comforting presence and calming resonance. And I don’t know if that made any sense. Each of these albums just grounds me, lets me know that all is well, and that God is good. Maybe they will do the same for you. (Click on the titles to be redirected to a site where you can listen to tracks and make a purchase- let me know if any stand out to you!)

1. The Living Room Sessions- Chris Rice


Calming piano arrangements of classic hymns. Favorite Song: This is My Father’s World

2. The Living Room Sessions: Christmas- Chris Rice

Piano performances of Christmas songs. Favorite Song: The First Noel

3. When Silence Falls- Tim Hughes

Resonates with simple, restful peace. Favorite Song: Whole World In His Hands

4. Revival in Belfast- Robin Mark

The best example of Celtic worship I’ve ever found. Favorite Song: Revival

5. Tribute to [Insert Your Favorite Artist] by Vitamin String Quartet


I have Coldplay, The Killers, and Reliant K– there are plenty more.

(Though you probably want to look for slower, restful songs.)

6. Past the Wishing- Sara Groves

Sara’s debut CD, medium quality production, high quality songwriting and vocals. Favorite Song: Awakening and Glory Come Down

7. Conversations- Sara Groves

A later release, better production, even better stories and songs. Favorite Song: Conversations

8. The Jesus Demos- Rich Mullins


This contains both the Jesus Demos, which Rich recorded in a church near Chicago days before his death– and the Jesus Record, where his band recorded and produced a number of his songs– They are good, but the sound of Rich’s voice and instruments is raw yet comforting. Favorite Song: Hard to Get

9. Worship- Michael W Smith

Unity in Praise and Celebration. One of the earliest albums in the rise of the popular worship music. Favorite Song: Breathe

10. Worship Again- Michael W Smith

More variety than the first, and some heart-wrenching songs. Favorite Song: I Can Hear Your Voice

11. All I Can Say- David Crowder

From before DCB became big– these songs are honest and refreshing. Favorite Song: All I Can Say and Thank You For Hearing Me

12. Letters to the Editor, Vols 1 and 2- Andrew Osenga


A special project Andrew created by compiling songs based on the stories sent in by his fans– truly gripping songs and beautiful, absolutely beautiful artistry in production. Favorite Song: Let Us Know You

13. Fall & Winter- Jon Foreman

The first non-Switchfoot Jon Foreman we got to hear– and boy, is it soul stirring. Favorite Song: The Cure For the Pain

14.  Kingdom Come- Jill Phillips

A CD of hymns sung by the angel-voiced Jill Phillips. Favorite Song: Lamb of God.

15. Carried Along- Andrew Peterson

Andrew’s hope and joy come flowing through in this album, his first major recording. The instrumentation (especially the hammered dulcimer) and heartfelt songwriting make this album like an old familiar friend, truly calming and encouraging.

16. The Far Country- Andrew Peterson


This album truly has an otherworldly feel to it– and it helps you fall into the arms of God, the God of Abraham and the Queen of Iowa.

Hope you find some rest and fall asleep with the help of all this beautiful music.  but remember this quote from St Augustine:

A Prayer to God

Thou hast made us for thyself, O Lord,

and our hearts are restless until they find their rest in thee.


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