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As a tear baptized my cheek

And I saw a soul depart

And the pangs of death rose up within my chest

Yea, the fangs of death bit down upon my heart


Brother, I cry for you today

Sister, I weep for you today

Oh native man in your native land

We are one in our pain tonight


And the family gathered round

In the present, wrapped in arms

And embraced they fell upon their aching chests,

Yea, embraced they press together beating hearts


Friends, I cry for you tonight

Family, I join with you tonight

And all the weeping angels

And humanity united in the night 


Daughter’s eyes filled with cold fears

Son’s chest echoing in sobs

Both are slayed by pain aching in their chests

Both are stayed by fear beating on their hearts


Children, crying through the night

You know that none of this is right

Come sit and cry into my shirt

Let’s cry til tears wash away the hurt


But it won’t come soon, it won’t happen overnight

It will take days and months and years and rivers of warm tears

And I don’t know why the night mares ride

Through stories sweet and paradise

But I know this and I hope you know this

May this give you an inch, a pinch of peace

I cry with you tonight

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