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The 23 Secret Ingredients of Dr Pepper

Well, I’m kinda sapped for a Fun post, but I posted this a few years ago on Facebook, so I can justify re-posting it here, right?  Right.

So without further ado–

The Secret Ingredients of Dr Pepper

While at the Dr. Pepper museum, I discovered a secret memo hidden behind a display… this memo contained the secret ingredients of Dr. Pepper.

If I die, you know that the DP Mafia got me, and I just want to say I leave all my possessions to my family and friends… here goes nothing.

1. Pineapple

2. Cinnamon

3. Chocolate

4. Peppermint

5. Fiji Water

6. A Spoonful of Sugar

7. Medicine

8. Rainbows

9. Clementines

10. Awesomeness

11. Literacy

12. Hint of Beatific Vision

13. The Color Green

14. Gingerbread

15. Snowflakes

16. Confidence

17. Essence of Chuck Norris

18. Laughter of Children

19. Subatomic Particles

20. Doctors

21. Peppers

22. The Number 22

23. The Personality of Jim Carrey

Keep it secret, Keep it safe, and keep drinking Dr Pepper

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