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Blast from the Past: Bible Adventures Script

When I was in middle school, I got involved in a drama ministry called Bible Adventures, where we performed dramas for 1st and 2nd graders at Cypress Bible Church. It was one of the best experiences of my life.

I had so many opportunities to act, write, lead, sing, play, dream, create, and serve– I loved every single part of the process and was thrilled when the Drama Leader, Staja Moschetta, asked me to write a script.  So I did so, using some of our recurring characters like CONCHITA MORALES a spunky news anchor, BRAD WRIGHT a stuck-up news anchor, WILL RAMBLE a doofy news reporter, and more.  I am sure Staja did some editing of the script, but eventually we performed it and I got to see some of my writing come to life. Nothing like it… Anyway, hope you enjoy the story!

Love Your Enemy

Al: Conchita, you’re on in five minutes. (pause) Conchita? (pause) Conchita? Conchita are you there? (walks on stage and looks around) Has anybody seen Conchita? (asks specific children) Has anybody seen Conchita?


Will Ramble: Hey Al! How are you doing?


Al: Horrible! Now Conchita isn’t even here!


Will: No! Conchita? But she’s always here two hours before the show starts!


Al: I know! I wonder where they could be?


Brad (running up stairs): Don’t worry Conchita! I am here! Once again I will save the show! The wonderful Brad Right is here! (bows theatrically and looks up) Where’s Conchita?


Al: That’s what we want to know!


Will: When was the last time we saw her?


Brad: Well, I saw on Monday when I showed up for the special report on lepers.


Al: Two days ago she and I met with Bible Answer Guy to get some ideas for upcoming shows.


Will: I talked to her last week over the phone… but I haven’t seen her for ages.


Al (looking at his watch): Well, we have one minute. Brad? Are you ready?


Brad: Me? I only do special reports or interviews! I have no idea what we’re doing today.


Al (turning to Will): Will, will you start the show?


Will: Um… Um… Oh, I need something to eat!!! (runs off toward kitchen)


Al: Somebody has to do the show!


Brad: Why don’t you do it?


Al: Me? I can’t do it.


Brad: Sure you can. Just think to your self, “I am a news anchor.”


Al: (straightens up) Well… (smooths out shirt looking very spiffy) I always did want to become a news reporter!


Brad: Well, get on! (calling to kitchen) Will, get ready for your story (Will runs out with sandwich in hand nodding. Al goes up to desk and takes a script. Sitting down he gets ready for the start.) I’m going to go get ready for my spot.


Al: Okay… Al… oh that’s me (laughs) I’m on in (looking at watch) five, four, three, two, one. (music fades up. However, when it comes to the spot where Conchita speaks her name and Brad’s name he inserts his.)


Al: Well, this is Al Sharp Tone, and I am the news producer here at Back in Time Exploration News. For once Brad is here on time, however Conchita isn’t here today… for some unknown reason. So I will be presenting today’s news from the Back In Time Exploration Network. (Looks down at papers) Well, today we are going… (footsteps from stairs grow loud) We are going… (louder and louder) well, today we are… (loud stomps as Conchita comes in)


Conchita: Okay! Okay! I’m here! I’m here!


Al: (Looking around) um, um, well, apparently our own Conchita Morales is here. So… um, could everyone just hold on one second. Let me put something on. (goes backstage)

Okay, everybody… I’m just going to put some music on. I hooe you like it. We’ll be right back.


(Music turned up, but not too high. Conchita heads to back and starts getting ready. Al hurries over and Brad does too.)


Conchita: Well, Well, Al how are you doing this fabulous morning?


Al: Conchita, I am mad! Do you have any idea what time it is?


Conchita: Yes! (looks at watch) It is 7:25.


Al: Not it’s not!


Brad: It’s 9:25! You’re late!


Conchita: Oh no! MY watch must be broken! I’m sorry… It’s new. I just got it from my mother! You see, today is my birthday!


Al: Well, Happy Birthday Conchita… but…


Brad: I’m sorry Conchita, but it is just not acceptable! You will have to come up with a better excuse than that!


Conchita: What?


Brad: Conchita, you can’t come late for your job! It is just unprofessional!


Conchita: What?


Brad: You need to learn to be more responsible. If you are supposed to come at 7:25, you should come at 9:25. You can’t just show up whenever you want to.


Conchita: What?


Brad: That was a very rude and mean thing you did to me. How could you leave me hanging? Did you just expect me to take over for you? I’m not going to do your job! That was very impolite Conchita, and I believe that you owe me an apology. (folds arms and turns around)


Conchita: What? Are you serious?!?!??! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! (screams and takes glass of water and throws it on Brad.)


Al: Conchita!


(Will comes out) Will: Wow! A fight! Who should I root for?


Al: Conchita, Conchita Conchita! (Conchita is attacking Brad and chasing him.) Al runs after them. Soon Conchita and Brad stop with a table between them. Al grabs Conchita.)


Will: Go Conchita! Go Brad! Go Conchita! Go Brad!


Al: Okay, you two need to calm down.


Brad: She was trying to kill me Al! (cowers)


Conchita: I don’t believe this! I just don’t believe it! (turns to Brad) I can’t believe you are mad at me! Me! Conchita Morales! The woman who comes here an hour before all of you and gets everything ready. I even get here before Linda, the make up woman! I get here and I make sure the sound booth is ready with our intro music. I get the donuts! I dust the video cameras! No offense, guys (turning to Al and Will) but I do more work than all of you. I… I… I do everything (turns to Brad) and you do nothing!


Brad: Nothing? Nothing? I do nothing? I do not do nothing! I do interviews… and news specials… I even host game shows! Have you ever hosted a game show? I don’t think so!!! Conchita, you think you are so important! We don’t need you! If you hate coming here, just leave!


Al: Wait a second! No, Conchita, Brad Right isn’t right! He’s Wrong! We do need you!


Will: Conchita, you…


Conchita: You know what? I’m sorry Al, I’m sorry Will, I’m sorry Sally… Sally you are the best makeup person I have ever had.… but I can’t work with him (points at Brad)


Brad: Well then… (turns around in a huff)


Conchita: It WASN’T nice knowing you… (spins around and grabs stuff. Walks off down stairs.) If you ever get rid of that lazy bum, give me a call Al!


Al: (he an will rush over) don’t go! Don’t Go Conchita!


Will: I’ll let you play my Gameboy if you come back!



Brad: Well, we finally got rid of Ms. I-think-I’m-better-than-all-of-you (stroking fingers through hair like a girl) Can you believe she said that she did more work than all of us? (laughs) She sure thinks high of herself. (Al and Will stare angrily at Brad, who laughs weakly) um, don’t you guys agree?


Al: Brad, the reason she said that she does more work than all of us is because SHE DOES DO MORE WORK THAN ALL OF US.


Will: She does everything!


Al: (turns to Will) How are we going to get by without Conchita? I have no idea how today’s news goes!


Will: Oh… I don’t know… I… have to go get something to eat. (runs to kitchen but midway changes his mind) No, I have to get ready for my spot (runs backstage)


Al: (calling after him) Don’t worry Will, I’m not going to ask you to do the news! (turns to Brad) However, I want you to do it!


Brad: What?


Al: I want you to see what Conchita has to do!


Brad: (nervous) Oh yeah! Well, I can do her job! I can do it 200 times better than her!


Al: Really?


Brad: Sure! Just give me some time to get ready.


Al: Oh you need some time? Well, you have about (looks at watch) 7 seconds. Quick! You’re on! (pushes him up to desk. Music plays and makeup girl does Brads makeup)


Brad: Well, I am Brad Right and today Conchita Morales isn’t here today, because she isn’t here today and I’m Brad Right, and…. (nervously scans script) Well, today we are going to bring you a very interesting story. We will be seeing Jesus talk to a Samaritan. And the reason that is so important is… Oh, I don’t know why this story is so important and why we are showing it… um… Will… are you there Will.


Will’s voice over speaker: Yes Brad. I am here! However, Brad, I don’t know where here is! Conchita had my script and my map, so I don’t know what I’m supposed to say, nor do I know where I am? (overheard) Excuse me… Dude on a camel… do you know where we are (camel overheard)


Brad: Well, we’ll give Will some time. So I think… I think… We should… We should… (stuttering) Well, I—You—water—computers—um… Oh I can’t do this! (Jumps over desk and runs to back.)


Al: You see how hard Conchita’s job is?


Brad: Well, you know what? I’m leaving! This job is too hard. If you ever get someone else to be the head news anchor, and you need a guy to lead interviews and host gameshows… give me a call. (goes downstairs)


Al: Oh great! Now I have two news anchors gone, a reporter somewhere back in time… we don’t exactly know where… the next thing I know my sound person is going to be leaving.


Sally: Um… Al? Since everyone’s gone, I’m going to go on a lunch break.


Al: Lunch?!?! It’s only 9:30!


Sally: See you later!


Al: Oh great now its just me! Now what am I supposed to do? (walks around the chairs thinking) I could call Conchita… but she’s too mad to come back here right now. I could call Brad… but what good would he do? Who else could I call for help? (stops and thinks. He is at the door and hears a knock. He looks around and opens it.)


Deliverer: Al Sharp tone?


Al: Yes?


Deliverer: Delivery for you! (hands him a big box and walks off.)


Al: I wonder what this is? (takes Box to the front and opens it. It is filled with Styrofoam pellets, and he pours them out. At the bottom is a poster. He picks it up. On the back is a picture of Shirley Holmes. On the front are Al’s lines.)


Al (reading): Hi, I’m Shirley Holmes, World famous detective, and I want to help YOU. I have been a detective for many years now, and I have many skills. Do you have a problem and need someone to help fix it? I’m your girl. Do you have a question that you need answered? Come to me. Do you have two news anchors fighting all the time? Call me. I can help you…. (looking up) Hm… two news anchors fighting… I wonder where she thought of that?… (looking at paper again) I use the Bible to solve your problems and resolve your conflicts. The Bible has all the answers, so it is the first place I go when I have a question. Call me today and I will help you solve your problems and answer your questions with the Bible. Call me at 281-555-5055. (looks at picture of Detective Shirley Holmes) I have a feeling she might be able to help me. (goes to phone and dials number)


Shirley: Hello?


Al: Detective Shirley Holmes, I need your help.


Shirley: Where are you?


Al: At the Back In Time Exploration News Network.


Shirley: Oh. Well come to my office. It’s right next door.


Al: Really? I’ll be right over. (hangs up and walks around chairs toward shirley’s office)


Shirley (as Al is walking): I knew as soon as I heard his voice that he needed a lot of help. So I got my Bible, my concordance, and my notebook and waited for his arrival. (Al gets there and she welcomes him.)


Al: Shirley, I’m Al, the news producer from next door. My anchors Conchita Morales and Brad Right have been fighting and now they aren’t speaking to eachother. Neither of them will do the news now!


Shirley: (Al Pauses) I had been wondering why for the past five minutes on the news all I had seen was an empty desk. (turns to Al) I can help you.


Al: (Shirley pauses) I knew that she was the person I needed. She had such confidence, such poise, such… a nice desk. (turns to Shirley) How much do I have to pay you?


Shirley: I don’t work for money. I work for God and I work to help people. Now Al, tell me what went wrong with Brad and Conchita.


Al: Well you see, ever since Brad and Conchita started working together last year, there has been nothing but fighting. At first it was over trivial things like misplacing papers and spilling coffee on the floor. Then they started to fight over bigger and bigger things, until now they just argue about who is better and how they are such good news anchors. In reality, Brad is really good at interviewing people and getting serious about tough subjects. But Conchita, she works so hard and really makes the news interesting. They would work great together, but now all they do is try to upstage the other person. I don’t know what to do. (starts to cry) I might lose my job if I can’t get any more news anchors.


Shirley: As I saw him crying I realized that he was desperate. I started to work fast. (turns to him) Okay Al. Let’s begin. Here. Take my notebook. I want you to write down some things for me. (looks in concordance) Okay, what do we want Brad and Conchita to do for eachother.


Al: Well, I think they should not just think about themselves. They need to think about how the other person is feeling. For example, today is Conchita’s birthday, and…


Shirley: Think! They should THINK about eachother! Perfect! Let me look it up… um… oh… here. Write this down. This is good. Phillipians 2:3-4 “Don’t be selfish; don’t live to make a good impression on others. Be humble, thinking of others as better than yourself. Don’t think only about your own affairs, but be interested in others, too, and what they are doing.”


Al: Wow! That’s just what Brad and Conchita should think about! That was in the Bible?


Shirley: It sure was. Let’s see what else do we need to find to make Brad and Conchita friends? (they think for a few seconds) Friends! In fact, what did the Christians in the New Testament call their Christian friends? Brothers! Oh… here… Write this down. Galatians 6:10. “Whenever we have the opportunity, we should do good to everyone, especially to our Christian brothers and sisters.”


Al: Well, that’s all very nice, but Brad and Conchita aren’t like (indicates speech marks with fingers) “brothers” or friends. They’re more like enemies.


Shirley: But we want them to be more like friends. You see where… Stop! What did you say?


Al Brad and Conchita aren’t friends.


Shirley: No the other part


Al: They’re more like enemies?


Shirley: Yes Yes Yes! That’s what I should look up! Enemy! Let’s see. Ah I found something. (turns to Al) Write this down. This are the words of Jesus. Matthew 5:43-44 “You have heard that the law of Moses says, `Love your neighbor and hate your enemy. But I say, love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you!”


Al: Well, that is really easy to say… but you know Shirley Holmes… it sure is hard to love your enemy.


Shirley: As soon as he said that I realized that Brad and Conchita wouldn’t just make up because of hearing a few Bible verses. Their fight is much bigger than that. They need to SEE how to love eachother. Well Al, let me look up in my concordance to see if there are any stories of somebody loving their enemy.


Will: Al! Al!


Al: Wait! I think I hear something from next door. (gets up and goes inside)


Will: Al!


Al: Will!


Will: Al! I found Jesus! I remembered that Conchita told me what I was reporting on last week. You see…


Al: Will, turn your camera on.


Will: Oh sorry! (Walks out to well.) Well you see Al… today I am reporting on an amazing thing! Jesus is talking to a Samaritan right at this well. (looks around) Well, he will be. I’m a little early. But anyway, apparently I learned from the people I have talked to that what is about to happen is very amazing. Samaritans and Israelites HATE EACHOTHER! (jokingly) You know Al, sort of how Conchita and Brad hate eachother.


Al: That’s it! (runs next door) Shirley, I think I found the answer to our problem.


Shirley: So did I! You see I was looking and I found this true story about Jesus talking to a Samaritan. And like everyone knows… back then, Jesus’ people hated Samaritan. So…


Al: Wow! You know what Shirley… Guess what I found out. (takes her next door) today we are reporting on that story!


Shirley: What a coincidence! Well, we sure need Conchita and Brad to see this! If they see the way Jesus talks to his enemy… they will realize that they need to stop fighting.


Al: Hopefully!


Shirley: Alright! Let’s see! We need to go get Brad and Conchita here to make sure they see what happens.


Al: Okay! Let’s go get them! (lean in to plan and go downstairs. Muffling from the stairs.)


Brad: (muffled shouts) Al? Al? What is going on here? What are you doing? (he has a pillowcase over his head and is being led by being grabbed by two arms by Al and Shirley. Shirley grabs a chair and Al seats him down into it. (((Ties him down?)))


Al: Now let’s get Conchita!


(They go out door to hall and you hear voices)


Conchita: Al! Al! Ei Caramba! Let me go! (she too has bag and is grabbed. Is seated in chair and tied down.)


Shirley: Hello. I am World famous Bible detective Shirley Holmes. I am here to help you solve your problems. (whips off bag. B and C notice eachother and start to scoot away from eachother.)


Brad: Oh get me away from her!


Conchita: Al! Al! I am going to get you back for this!!!!


Shirley: Now you two! We have been looking in the Bible on how to make you two stop fighting. Like always, we found answers to our questions, but we decided their was something we had to let you see.


Al: Will?


Will: Yes Al?


Al: Will, I believe that your story is about to start!


(Jesus walks to well and sits at bench tired.)


Jesus: I hope my disciples do not find it too hard to find some food.


Will: (to the side) Wow! Look there’s Jesus! He looks tired. I wish I could give him a pillow.


(Samaritan woman walks up with jars.)


Will: Okay, Al. From what I have learned Samaritans hate Jews. Jews hate Samaritans. That’s the way things have always gone. And you see this woman? I checked up on her history and she has run into many Jews, and they have all despised her and told her to her face! Also, she is a very sinful woman. She has done very many bad things in her life. Oh… here we go,

(woman gets water and starts to walk off when Jesus asks her.)


Jesus: Please give me a drink. (Samaritan is shocked and sits across from Jesus.


Woman: You are a Jew, and I am a Samaritan woman. Why are you asking me for a drink?


Jesus: If you only knew the gift God has for you and who I am, you would ask me, and I would give you living water.


Woman: But sir, you don’t have a rope or a bucket and this is a very deep well. Where would you get this living water? And besides, are you greater than our ancestor Jacob who gave us this well? How can you offer better water than he and his sons and his cattle enjoyed?


Jesus: People soon become thirsty again after drinking this water. 14But the water I give them takes away thirst altogether. It becomes a perpetual spring within them, giving them eternal life.


Woman: Please, sir, give me some of that water! Then I’ll never be thirsty again, and I won’t have to come here to haul water.


Jesus: I know you have led a sinful life and I know every bad thing you have done. I want you to know that if you come to me I will forgive you of all the bad things you have ever done. I am the Messiah, the savior!


Disciple (walking in): Jesus, what are you doing with this sinful woman? (looks at her in disgust)


Woman (running off) : Come and meet a man who told me everything I ever did! Can this be the Messiah. (Jesus and disciple leave.)


Will: Well, as you all saw, Jesus showed love to his enemy. Jesus loves all people, and since we should all be like Jesus… we should love all people. Even our enemies. Right Brad? Right Conchita? (pause) this is Will Ramble, and I’m done. (walks off)


Brad: Conchita?


Conchita: Yes? (Still annoyed)


Brad: We need to be like Jesus. It will be hard, but let’s try to become friends.


Conchita: (sighs) yes. You are right, Brad Right. I’m sorry for becoming so angry earlier.


Brad: No Conchita! I was the person who was wrong! I shouldn’t have gotten so mad at you! You do so much! And you do it so well. In fact, that’s why I don’t do very much work! I know you will do such a better job than I would, so I just don’t bother!


Conchita: Oh Brad! How about this? From now on let’s try to work together.


Brad: Okay. (they lean in to hug but can’t because of the ropes)


Conchita: Al? Could you please UNTIE US?


Al: Sure! I am so glad you made up! (turns to S) Thank you so much Shirley!


Shirley: No problem. It was great getting to work with you Al. Oh yes, Brad… Conchita… (pulls out notebook) Read these verses and remember one thing. God is our best friend… and whenever we have a problem with our friends on Earth, if we turn to him, he will help us. (phone rings) Well I must get that!


Al: Thank you once again!


Shirley: Of course. Now if you ever need any help… just come next door. (goes next door)


Brad: I never knew she worked right over there!


Conchita: Me neither!


(They all get up and stretch)


Brad: Thank you Al for working so hard to try to get us to become friends.


Conchita: You are such a good friend. (gives him a hug) and you are going to be such a good friend (hugs Brad) Oh… this is such a great birthday. (hugs both.)


Will (popping in): Oh! Let me in on the group hug! (runs over)


Sally (returning): Oh! You are all smearing your makeup! (Runs over)


Al: Everyone put your hand in the middle! (they do it) Back


Sally: In


Will: Time


Brad: Exploration


Conchita: News


All: Network (raise up hands)


Brad: Well Conchita, I know its too late for this weeks show… but how about you and I work tomorrow on next weeks show?


Conchita: Sounds great!


(knocking at door. Al goes over and answers it)


Deliverer: Delivery for Brad Right!


Al: He’s over there! (pointing) I’ll take it for him! (Deliverer leaves. Al takes box to table. Brad opens it, pours out Styrofoam and takes out a cake.


Brad: I ordered this for you when I realized it was your birthday.


Conchita: Thank you so much!


Brad: Sorry, but there are no candles. Just close your eyes and imagine there are. First however, we need to sing her a Happy Birthday song.


(All sing “Happy Birthday”. Once singing is done Conchita leans in and pretends to blow. Brad trips and it goes into her face. She looks up and wipes frosting off)


Conchita: Brad Right! I can’t believe you did that!


Brad: It was an accident!


Conchita: Was it really?


Brad: It was!


Conchita: I’m going to get you for that! (starts chasing Brad: around chairs, alond scenery, finally downstairs, then upstairs, then through door, then around and backed around table. Meanwhile…)


Will: Well, today all of you learned that you should be friends with your enemies. How many people here have enemies? When I saw enemies I say people you don’t like, who do things you don’t like, who say things you don’t like. If you know a person like that raise your hand.


Al: Al right. Now how many people here have at least one good friend. Raise your hands.

Now all of you who have an enemy what you should do is treat them like your friend.





Brad and Conchita finish at the front.


Brad: I’M SORRY!


Conchita: Alright. I forgive you!

Everyone off.




Shirley Holmes: Mrs. Blom

Brad Right: Evan Weppler

Conchita Morales: Mrs. Moschetta

Al Sharp Tone: Jacob Frederick

Will Ramble: Ryan Gonzalez

Sally: Ellie Carroll

Jesus: Mr. Blom

Samaritan Woman: Lisa Crawford

Deliverer, handyman: Seth Richert





Looking back, I can see some weaknesses in my storytelling. Definitely could be subtler in some places. However, it was fun and it brings up fun memories just reading the script. Wish I could watch videos of our dramas– for now, this will have to do.

Such Great Times




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