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That Sound

Blurry Lights

I once was lost, then I was found When in the dark, I heard a sound A voice that called me homeward bound Amazing Grace, it was that sound Ohhhh (3x) Come home Ohhhh (3x) Ohhhhh I once was blind,

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Team StarKid


Well after a fun trip into Chicago with my sister to see the fantastic Team StarKid in their production/comedy show, “Airport for Birds,” I realized something: Some of you may not know about Team StarKid! I’m so sorry I haven’t

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Epic 4 Video

Epic 2013

So last year at the Cypress Bible Church Junior High Guy Retreat (or Event), rightly called EPIC (which I have enjoyed attending for three years) on the last day out at Forest Glen at breakfast, I started filming a promo

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To You


I wrote this piece back in high school, and it’s located over in the Archives of my earlier writings. I still find it rather profound and feel it is just as relevant as it was five years ago. In many

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A Blank Journal


I love a blank journal. Especially if it comes from Paperblanks… Seriously, if you ever want to buy me a birthday or Christmas or Arbor Day present, get me a Paperblanks journal, please. Like this, or this, or this, or

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You must remember. I must remember. The reason we all need grace, from God, from others, from ourselves, is because we are all broken. I’m just a well dressed wreck / I’m just a made up mess Working hard trying to

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Goals Devotion


A while back, I wrote this devotion for our summer staff at Forest Glen Christian Camp. It’s rather informal, but I feel it’s also rather informative and makes you think about the importance of goals. I do find it interesting

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Dreams, Part 1


What are dreams? No, I don’t mean what happens when you sleep– but dreams of what we hope to do, who we hope to be, how we hope to change the world.  Hopes. Desires. Ideas. Dreams. It’s interesting how we

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Backwards Uno

Backwards Uno

This game originated at a Sonic in Huntsville, TX, July 23rd, 2011.  The game is epic. The game is awesome. The game is Backwards Uno.    Goal: To be the last person playing OR have the most cards at end

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The Odd Liturgy, Part 2


Sometimes we need prayers for the odd times of life. This is why I have The Odd Liturgy. These prayers I pray daily, though not every day. They are tied to daily activities and rededicate, tag, redeem, hallow, sanctify, redirect,

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Did You Know?


Did you know any of these amazing facts? Count the ones you knew already and post your score! Did you know… that the Shire theme from Lord of the Rings… …was inspired by the tune of the hymn “This is

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I’m a few days behind on my posts, but who knows who actually reads these things anyway. Thought I’d merely throw some inspirational or challenging thoughts up here– hope they do some good. (That last one was made by me…

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