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The Odd Liturgy, Part 2

Sometimes we need prayers for the odd times of life.

This is why I have The Odd Liturgy. These prayers I pray daily, though not every day. They are tied to daily activities and rededicate, tag, redeem, hallow, sanctify, redirect, refocus (and many more similar verbs) the odd times of life. Trying to go to sleep. Breathing in and out. Getting lost while driving. Times when we don’t know what to pray but we know we need it.

I posted Part 1 back in 2011 (http://evanweppler.com/2011/12/15/the-odd-liturgy-part-1/), so I guess it’s time to post Part 2! :)  Though the terms Part 1 and Part 2 are misleading. This is an odd assortment of prayers from an odd sort of Christ follower.


Prayer for Washing My Hair

You anoint my head with oil

And my cup, it overflows

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me…


All the days of my life.

(Taken from Psalm 23:5-6)

Prayer for Getting Lost

Guide me

O Thou

Great Jehovah

(From the hymn)

Prayer for Breathing

Empty me of all I do not need

(Breathe Out)

And fill me with You

(Breathe In)

Prayer for Trying to Sleep (When it just won’t come)

Let me rest…

Let me rest…

Let me rest in the shadow of Your wings

(Taken from Psalm 57:1)

Prayer for Waking Up (Before you’re fully awake)

Before my eyes are fully open

Before my feet hit the ground

I rededicate my life to You

To the One who gave me life

To the One who gave me His life

To the One who gives me life

Forgetting what is behind

And pressing on to what is ahead

I give You this day, I give You my life


(Rich Mullins once said, “Those of you that are young enough to go to camp and rededicate your life every year, you keep doing it ’cause about the time you get to college you’re gonna learn that you have to rededicate your life about every six months. And then you’ll graduate from college and it will become a quarterly thing. By the time you’re in your 40’s and 50’s you’ll do it about four times a day.“)

 A Morning Prayer

Your mercies are new every morning!

(from Lamentations 3:23)


May you find God in those odd moments of life. Grace. 

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