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10 New Pieces of Tech (Which Soon Will Be At The Top Of Your Wish List)

There is a lot of new technology coming out– so much, in fact, it’s hard to stay on top of it all. Here are just a few that have tickled my fancy.

1. Little Printer


First, watch this little video!

I have been hoping to buy this little guy for a couple of years now– I first heard about it when it was in pre-production, then it got funded, and now they are actually making them– but I’m not ready to put down +$200 for it yet.

Little Printer prints daily news stories, messages, puzzles, pictures, etc. on a strip of receipt paper, which you can take with you and peruse and enjoy with your morning coffee (or, in my case, chocolate milk.)

Some of you out there might be saying, “What the heck?” or using stronger language, “Why do you need this? Everything is digital these days! This is just three steps back.” I have to say, yes, everything is moving to digital these days, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best thing. Staring at a screen for too long can be bad for your eyes. No matter how good tablets and smart phones are, they still have limited battery life. I like holding something physical, and yet I also enjoy the fact that it is merely a small piece of receipt paper, which is cheap and recyclable. It allows you to doodle, to customize the apps that print, and you can even change the little face on the printer! I can’t wait to get my own.

2. Iron Samurai Watch

I am not really a watch guy. Nor am I really a Samurai/Japanese culture guy. Not that I hate watches or Japanese culture– they’re just not my thing. All the while, though, this watch looks pretty sweet.

I mean, ’nuff said, right? What’s even cooler, though, is that you can get this watch for $7.52 (right now) at Amazon.com! I can’t promise it works, but it sure looks cool!

3. Bluetooth Talking Glove


(And no, it’s not a glove that talks…)

I have sketches of this idea in notebooks from years back. Unfortunately, I have tons of ideas and no know how on how to know how to make it happen. (Did you like that? Did it make grammatical sense? Probably not.) Anyway, this is a glove that you use, via Bluetooth, as a phone. It connects to your smartphone and has a speaker in the pinkie and a mic in the thumb. So basically, you talk… like this:

Granted, it might seem like it could get kind of annoying, and painful, to keep your digits outstretched like that, but just try it right now. And now make a fist but keep it where your hand was previously. That’s basically how a smart phone works– you don’t have to have the mic right at your mouth or the speaker right at your ear. If you did, smart phones would be a lot longer! But you can pretty much keep your hand at rest and rest your head on your hand. Handy, huh? (Sorry, I couldn’t resist.)

Now, keep this hush hush, but I did have one extra idea that they haven’t implemented. Basically, my idea was to have a dial pad on the palm or back of the glove, so you could dial right from there. It may not work perfectly though, so I understand why they didn’t include it. So if you are in Europe (where they are selling these things) pick some up and tell me how they are!

4. Soundlazer


Basically, this is a speaker that lets you project sound in one specific direction. So it’s kind of like those speakers at Disney resorts– you walk under one and hear music, but step forward a couple of steps and hear nothing! This is the same concept, though it can also do something else that sounds (get it?) real fun! Check out the video:

So, if I am hearing the video right (haha), you can project the sound AT something and make it seem like the sound is coming FROM that object, person, wall, etc. I’d have to hear it to believe, but it sounds pretty cool.

This Kickstarter project was fully funded, so I bet we’ll be seeing these sold fairly soon! Only $175!

5. Mycestro 3D Mouse


If you watched the video, doesn’t that look like it could revolutionize using computers and keyboards? I mean, yes, I’m sure almost all computers will have touch screens in the next ten to twenty years, but sometimes, once again, it’s nice to have something physical to touch and use. And only $80 (once they start production, that is, which should be soon!)

If you didn’t watch the video, do! It’s got classical music!

6. Remee- Lucid Dreaming Sleep Mask


If you don’t know what Lucid Dreaming is, here’s an example: Suddenly, your dream of walking through a calm park in the evening is interrupted by menacing robot squirrels and a giant bloody horned seagull that is attacking your ears! If you could lucid dream, you’d be able to escape that nightmare and control what happens. And probably prevent the whole thing from ever taking place!

I have read about lucid dreaming, but have never been successful about making it a habit. I think this tech would help that:

Remee: The REM Enhancing Eyemask from Bitbanger Labs on Vimeo.

The idea is that once you are in REM mode, you need a trigger to remind you that you are dreaming. After a while, you can train yourself to start doing some Inception-like dream-creating. How cool would that be? If it worked, that is. And who knows if it really would work for you… but there’s only one way to find out! Only $100!

7. Poco Pro HD Camera


I have been following this product for a couple of years as well, simply because I like small tech. It’s amazing to see how tiny computers, cameras, and game systems and other tech can do such amazing things! This camera is the size of a credit card, except it bulges in the middle. Still, it is the smallest camera out there with a screen and other workable controls – as opposed to spy cameras or cheap $30 tiny cameras that take poor quality images. This camera takes 14 MegaPixel pictures and 1080 HD Video!

Unfortunately, I have yet discovered any actual reviews or use of the product. It first debuted in 2010, and there were a lot of news stories about it back then- but since then, nothing. The website seems to say that you can purchase it, but it still gives no info on a Shipping Date. It would cost about $250, so I don’t think it’s worth trying to purchase only to find out it hasn’t yet entered production. Hopefully it will someday, though! (Instead of this camera, I picked up this beauty off eBay and have been very happy with its performance! I love Kodak cameras- still so sad to see them go.)

8. The 3Doodler


If you are into 3D Printing, you should check out this little pen. Sure, it’s not the best quality, but it still seems pretty dandy! Check out the video below:

There’s no word on price yet, however, at time of writing, there are still 6 days to go where you can get onto Kickstarter and help fund the project! (It had a goal of $30,000- and right now it has raised over two million dollars!)

9. Lytro Light Field Camera, 8GB


There are times like these where I wish I knew more about camera technology. Still, this seems like a good purchase. Check out this video:

This review brings up some good criticisms, but also highlights the innovative qualities of the camera. I would love to try it out someday, but right now it costs around $400. So I guess we’ll have to wait.

10. Android Mini PC


Once again, I wish I knew more about certain technology. This product is like the Raspberry Pi, however you have to do much less customization (which is good for people without all that necessary know-how). Here is an unboxing, though I suppose if you know what that is you probably already know how these things work. I found it interesting all the same:

So somehow, you can use one of these just as well as your expensive desktop, laptop, or tablet. Okay, maybe not just as well, but close! And for only $35!  I don’t get it. I guess I’m just glad there are people out there, inventing these new technologies and sharing them with the world. And I’m glad I get to share them with you.

Let me know if you have or have tried out any of these cool tech devices or another cool technology! Ta!

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