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To You

I wrote this piece back in high school, and it’s located over in the Archives of my earlier writings. I still find it rather profound and feel it is just as relevant as it was five years ago. In many ways, I’m speaking to myself. Hope you find it encouraging.


To you, loner of the high school halls, individual with no individuals to be your friends, daring to be different, or maybe frequently trying to fit in but never succeeding, always failing.


To you, outcast of all groups, clubs, cliques, and whatnot, never connecting, never accepted, attending a school of misery, full of hope yet full of despair.


To you, loving young lady, friendly yet quiet, fun but not the funniest, exceptional but not OUTSTANDING! enough to be noticed, hoping for popularity, hoping for a boy, hoping for something more, working hard in sports or academics, staying pure, staying faithful, staying hopeful, persevering until the day of your fulfilled dream appears.


To you, unique young man, who, though he is friendly, fun, and funny, can’t seem to rise in the classes (of high school society), stuck in the “In-Betweeners” (between popular and not) or the “Somewhat Sporters” (Playing sports but not the star) or “The Uncool Eclectics” (Being strange and weird and different and unique, but not being viewed as funny or interesting enough to be noticed), never being allowed to change, getting a laugh/smile or two but then tripping over your tongue and turning redfaced and sorry.


To you, Student of many attempts, who tries to excel but has problems with reading, writing, math, science, history, or anything else, who wants to do your best but can’t be Amazed or Bewildered, but constantly Cut-Down, Dismayed, and Failed.


To you, spiritual student of no regard, faithful follower of Christ our God, quiet servant of others, respecter of teachers, lover of friends and enemies, giver of money and school supplies, blesser and encourager, Bible-pointer, Christ-pointer, Salvation-pointer, Silent perseverer.


To you, “Average student” who can’t dribble/kick/throw/shoot a ball or run/swim/tackle/spike worth anything, who can’t draw or paint or sing or play or act or write or create at all, who can’t grab A’s or understand Algebra, who can’t crack jokes or make people laugh at ya, who sees nothing special, sees nothing at all.


And to you, whoever, wherever, whatever and whichever, God knows you.


May you find some glue to stick and a hand to pull you in.

May you find love and joy from Him in whatever form it comes.


May you find family and shelter, acceptance and freedom.

May you find a path to understanding, a guide to knowledge, and a cup of wisdom.

May you find encouragement and edification, be strengthened, and continue in it all.

May you find meaning, identity, clarity, and understanding.

May you find Him.


Grace and Peace.

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