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Epic 4 Video

So last year at the Cypress Bible Church Junior High Guy Retreat (or Event), rightly called EPIC (which I have enjoyed attending for three years) on the last day out at Forest Glen at breakfast, I started filming a promo for next year’s Epic… And after letting it sit in a folder on my computer for almost a year I pulled it out and did a little editing. I used the song “Heaven Bound” by an early DC Talk because: 1. I had recently heard the somewhat silly song around that time and 2. Greg Despres, our speaker, started singing it one day and I was one of the few people who knew the song! I tried to create a fun feel in the video, and used a YouTube filter to make the video a little bright with somewhat gaudy colors, simply to bring about the feel of a eighties/nineties music video. (Granted, the music video for “Heaven Bound” is much more muted and at times black and white, but I felt the bright colors fit the fun atmosphere of EPIC.) Anyway, hope you enjoy watching– I enjoyed filming and editing the promo.

And if you are a junior high guy at Cypress Bible Church, GO TO EPIC 4!


(By the way, if it doesn’t play well, click the Title of the video and watch it on YouTube– it usually works better there.)

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