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That Sound

I once was lost, then I was found
When in the dark, I heard a sound
A voice that called me homeward bound
Amazing Grace, it was that sound

Ohhhh (3x) Come home
Ohhhh (3x) Ohhhhh

I once was blind, but now I see
From prison walls of night I was set free
I was broken out when the walls came down
When Heaven came with a thunderous sound
Amazing Grace– it was that sound

Ohhhh (3x) Be free
Ohhhh (3x) Ohhhhh

I once was dead, now I’m alive
And I will live with Christ inside
As he purifies and sanctifies
And crucifies my sins and lies
Dying flesh is crying out
Amazing grace, it is that sound

Ohhhh (3x) Sin no more
Ohhhh (3x) Ohhhhh

When we’ve been there a million years
In a place beyond all hopes and fears
He’ll live in us, we’ll live in Him
And with one voice we’ll sing the hymn
With angel’s shouts, Creation’s cries
A million voices lifted high
A million voices singing loud
Amazing Grace will be that sound

Ohhhh (3x) Come live in Me
Ohhhh (3x) Ohhhhh

Ohhhh (3x) Sin no more
Ohhhh (3x) Come home
Ohhhh (3x) Be free
Ohhhh (3x) And live in me

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