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Honey Bookmark

I posted this over in my Portfolio, but realized I didn’t share it on my main site. So here it is! Psalm 119:103- “How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!”

In the Jewish culture, as children are growing up and being educated in the Torah, during the time of Shavout, a rabbi would put a little honey on a slate filled with the letters of the alef-bet (alphabet) and verses from the Torah. The child is then allowed to lick the slate, and in that moment, they are able to associate the word of the Lord with the sweetness of honey.

My concept is a bookmark with thirty spots for thirty pieces of honey-flavored candy. Each piece would be small and covered with a sheet of thin plastic to keep the piece in place. For thirty days, a student can read a portion of Scripture and as they meditate on the Word, they take the candy and let it melt in their mouth. The taste of sweetest honey and the goodness of God’s word, married in the senses.

Not sure when I can actually make this, but I thought it was a sweet idea. :)


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