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The Odd Liturgy, Part 3

Weeeell, it’s been about seven months since I last posted pieces from my prayer book, The Odd Liturgy. To read earlier prayers, check out these two links.  But to new readers, or readers who hadn’t seen the previous posts, The Odd Liturgy is simply a collection of prayers, most about a sentence of less, that have been birthed out of the daily rhythms of life: washing hands, trying to fall asleep, eating, dealing with ego, walking upstairs, walking downstairs.  There is liturgy that we practice on Sunday mornings and through the week, big prayers and heavy words– these are for the odd moments of life, the light prayers that “tag” a certain act or encounter with holiness and beauty.  I’m not gonna claim they’re beautiful or elegant, but they are real prayers for real life.  At least for me.  Let us pray…

Battling Inferiority & Fighting Ego

Daddy, Papa, Abba Father
God, You love me like a mother
Lord, You love me like no other

For Entrances and Exits

The Doors,
Where You would have me go
And lead me onward in Your grace and glory

For Drying Off

You wipe away the sins of my past
As far away as east is from the west
And in Your forgiveness
I can rest…


Your Love Oh Lord Reaches to the Heavens (Stretch up)
Your Faithfulness, Stretches to the Skies (Stretch across)

A Prayer in Temptation

REmove, REtake, REclaim, REmake
REfashion, REcreate, REnew, REanimate
REvive, RElieve
REprise, REdeem
These desiREs aRe solely satisfied
in their MakER and REdeemER
I surREndER them to You.
They aRE Yours.
I am Yours.

May this be the prayer of our hearts, everyday: “I am Yours.”

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