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Happy 13th Birthday Goldie!

As I grew up, I had multiple fish, a couple hamsters, and I wish I could add a third item to the list to make it feel more complete, but that was pretty much it… lizards! I liked to find lizards as a kid… but that’s not the same as having a pet.

We moved to Texas in Fall of 2000, and Goldie was born in October of that year. We didn’t see her until we went to a pet store in January. She seemed like she was full of energy and love– she jumped out of my mom’s arms in one of their first meetings. We loved her and brought her home.

Thirteen years later, she has been with us– and the past two years of her life have been pretty stressful with people moving away, staying with relatives and living in new places, then moving across the country with me last Fall… but she’s a trouper. She still acts like a puppy sometimes (most of the time) and is always ready to go explore outside, go for a ride in the car, or help me eat basically whatever I’m eating. I love her, and she likes me… my mom is still her favorite person though, and that’s okay :).

Anyway, thought I’d share a few photos of Goldie over the past couple of years. I need to share some older ones sometime, cause it’s amazing how she has changed. But for now… here’s Lady Goldilocks Weppler!

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