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Just Keep Swimming

I love Finding Nemo. The story, the emotion, the funny moments and inspirational messages. This one in particular has always gripped me.

 I’ve constantly searched these videos on YouTube, for a loop of Dory saying “Just Keep Swimming” over and over again. If we can have Nyan Cat and other silly looped videos, surely this can be a thing as well. Well, it wasn’t. At least not what I was hoping to find. I did find a couple remixed “Just Keep Swimming” videos, but they each moved away from the simple message. So I made these. It’s using clips from Finding Nemo, one with a free hip hop beat and another with a slowed down film score. I’m not out for my own credit, I just hope these help.

So when you need a little motivation, here’s “Just Keep Swimming” with a beat to keep you going.

When you need to relax amidst a sea of trouble, here’s “Just Keep Swimming” with some calm music.

And when you just need to remind yourself of this simple message, here’s “Just Keep Swimming” in a loop for ten minutes.

It’s easy to stop,

to give up and float through life.

But we were made to MOVE.

So keep moving forward.

Keep fighting the fight.

Just keep swimming.

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