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I Saw it on the App, Vine!

Yes, it’s cheesy. “I heard it thru the grapevine…” I like wordplay. Sue me. (Please don’t sue me.) So there’s this thing called “Vine.” It’s a phone app that was introduced this year and has grown and blossomed into a viral video community. It’s a simple premise: You have six seconds to record a video. It can be stop motion, you can add music or sound effects, or you can simply shoot video of things off your computer. (And people do it. All the time. It’s weird.) This isn’t the first time that short videos have been popular and successful. No doubt there are other examples, but the two that come to mind are “5 Second Films” and ” 5 Second Movies” Here are a few of the latter…

The thing is, not all are (in fact most are not) 5 seconds long. Most were all made by a man known as “That Guy with the Glasses.” Check out his website for more; however, I’ve found myself waiting 2 minutes for a page to load and then waiting through a 30 second ad to watch a 5 second clip. So… they’re also on YouTube. Just search. While That Guy does the 5 Second Movies, another YouTube Channel does “5secondfilms” (Confusing, yes. I know.) Here are a few choice selections. I had to cherry-pick these videos, not because the rest aren’t funny… it’s just that some are a little raw, some are a bit brutal, and some are plain inappropriate. So be warned if you check them out. Still, they’re great. But they’re also over 5 seconds. So let’s look at Vines. When I first heard about Vine, I believe my reaction was something along the lines of, “Huh…why?” I grew to like Vine thanks to my favorite YouTube brothers, TheFineBros (though thebrothersriedell are certainly up there). One of their many “React” series is “YouTubers React.”  So a few months ago, what do they have these famous YouTube artists and stars react to? Vine. It’s hilarious. (Warning: Language.) So after seeing the hilarity of Will Sasso, “Everybody Spurts,” and that cereal-hatin’ Ryan Gosling… I had to wait a month or two. To be honest, I still didn’t jump on the bandwagon. But when I jumped, I fell hard. You typically watch Vine videos through the smartphone app, but I didn’t have the ability to watch it there, so I found myself an online option. Seenive.com is a way you can watch Vine Videos one at a time (though there are other options). I have checked this site almost every day for the most popular vines for a few months now- and it’s wonderful. So here are my top 6 Vine sources. (DIRECTIONS: The videos will loop but they start out muted- if you click the MUTE button at the top left, you can watch them through the loop. Then either MUTE it again or click in the center of the Vine to pause it.) Be patient, because it is a lot to load.

1. Will Sasso

If Will was still making multiple Vines per day, he might be at the top of the list. Unfortunately, it’s much less often, so it’s not as great as it’s been before. But here are three great samples.

Robert De Niro Ordering Chinese Food

Homemade Almond Milk #Howto

(This is a running joke with lemons… it’s hard to explain)

Remembering My Neighbor Gary

Check him out. There are also more vines of him doing Bill Cosby and Arnold Schwarzenegger impressions, doing stuff with friends, and more lemon jokes (though it might be crude, so be warned.) Sasso’s a funny guy, and he was on MadTV, so it’s nice to see him doing comedy, even if it’s just on a smartphone app.

5. Brittany Furlan

Now, before I go further, I have to add that some of her Vines involve references to sex and others deal with jokes about race, so know that even if I recommend a person, not all their Vines are safe for everyone. That being said, Brittany is redonkulous. She does many Vines with other Viners, has a myriad of different characters, and has one of those faces that can get you laughing with just a glance (much like Kristen Wiig). Here are three selections from her Vine account.

Our dogs love us!

Why does this keep happening to me?

#HowTo take a random stranger off to see the wizard of Oz

Check out more of her Vines here— and be sure to look for more from her characters Martha, Natalie Nature, and The Beekeeper. Plus her cute dogs!

4. Batdad

This guy puts on a Batman mask and videos himself talking to his wife or kids in a deep, gravely voice (a la Christian Slater). That’s it. Nothing more. And yet it’s hilarious. He was even featured on the Today Show after he became Vine-famous. Here are a few of my favorites:

Drink Up!

(He has a lot of funny videos with his son Ben.)
The rules of the road don’t apply to me pt. 2 #batdad

The lights green #batdad

His interruptive shouts to his wife are an ongoing thing, and this one is a good example, but if you watch the next one in a loop, it just gets funnier and funnier


The thing about Vines is that they build upon eachother, so it’s hard to just show a couple selections– but seriously check out BatDad. Funny guy. A real… joker.

3. Kingdaddy and family

My top four favorites on Vine are four families. This first one was Batdad. This one involves just one Vine account, which is run by the dad of the family. It’s fun to peek into the daily lives of typical families and see the humor within. Plus each of the patriarchs in these next three families are just plain hilarious. First, kingdaddy:


Daddy tries to read a book on the quiet back patio

Trick, not treat

SSSSSilly Ape > Stupid Human

Kingdaddy has a lot more family related Vines, a bunch more voiceovers (which is pretty popular on Vine) and many random jokes. Check it out– though be warned. One (or more) mentions poop. And Miley Cyrus. And other stuff.

2. Brittlestar and Family

So Batdad and Kingdaddy have just one Vine account per family. This family has three– one for dad and one for each son, Gregor and Owen. So between dad’s account (Brittlestar) and the boys’ accounts (GregorR and OwenR), there’s a lot of fun to be had. Brittlestar is known for using the medium of Vine in real creative ways. For example:
Put your finger on the screen #vinefun

Just lookin’ around

Other funny Vines from dad
Parenting Tip: How To Ruin Any Song For Your Kids

Spinny Chair #homeoffice

Ever end a call with “Love You” when you really shouldn’t have?

Owen, the older brother, doesn’t post as much as often, but he can be real funny as well. It’s nice because the family collaborates, filming, starring, and posting eachother’s Vines. For example, here is a Vine featuring the brothers but posted on Brittlestar’s account.
Livin’ the Suite Life with OwenR and GregorR

Obviously influenced by his dad, there’s this classic.
Turn your screen this way.

And a couple more funny Vines.
Trying to unlock the wrong locker is something I do on a daily basis

I can’t cook anything.

Gregor is a much more prolific Viner than Owen, though. He’s also pretty kooky. For example:
People say I’m weird… Can’t figure out why! #NotAware

There’s a lot of family colloboration (and teasing) here as well.
Put your finger on the screen.

How we Vine

First Day Jitters. (Don’t worry, we were safe!)

And of course, some more funny, weird Vines.
I got my eyes on you… Legit.

It Doesn’t help! #Manup

Can You Spot The Difference?? #fisheye

There’s a whole lot more from the family, so check out GregorR, OwenR and Brittlestar for more fantastic Vines. Plus they’re Canadian. So they’re basically awesome. Yep.

1. Josh Darnit, Evancredible, JohnnaMazing and AJMG

This family has five members, three kids, and four active Vine accounts. As far as I can tell, mom has an account but never posts. But the other four post ALL THE TIME. There’s dad with the big goatee-thing, Evan with the chubby cheeks (probably what I looked like as a kid!), Johnna with the diva character, and AJ with the goofy big-brother role. There’s no point in even breaking it up according to who posted what, because they all post Vines together basically, so here are a group of my favorites from the “Darnit” family.

There’s a fine line between a threat & an observation.

#Howto dissolve a #donut with #coffee

“I remember when you used to be funny”

Sometimes big brothers can joke away the sorrow

Rules & boundaries are essential in a healthy relationship.


The villain inside.

Evancredible got sunscreen in his mouth. It evolved into this. JohnnaMazing is amused.

Annoying JohnnaMazing #loop #not

I really do have the best kids ever.

“Framed” with Evancredible

Red Handed’ w/Evancredible (#batbrat) “Mom knows that you’ve been cheating…”

(It’s always fun when Viners do takes on eachother… Or…)
“Playing both sides” w/OwenR, GregorR & JohnnaMazing s/b: Josh Darnit

(It’s even better with they collab with eachother!)

There is, once again, Vines to avoid (Josh Darnit’s language is well, not just “darn it!”) But it’s a sweet family with funny moments and a lot of creativity, so go check out Evancredible, JohnnaMazing, AJMG, and Josh Darnit. And who knows, maybe mom will start posting too!

Anyway, this has been a JUNGLE full of vines. (Still love my cheesy wordplay.) I hope you found some you liked and didn’t get bored as you scanned the blog. I know I’m wordy. And it’s just too hard to choose the best Vines from these creative individuals. It’s amazing what can be made within 6 seconds. It boggles the mind. Why don’t you get Vine and give it a try!? I have no doubt it’ll be… (are you ready for this? just one more…) a diVINE experience!

Alright, that’s it. Go home.

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