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Reminders for Times When You Feel like Giving Up

(Excuse me for a minute. This is Evan speaking to Evan; however, if this encourages you in any way, grace and peace be with you. And also with you.)

1. You have someone that relies on you.

2. These challenges are helping you become a better person.

3. You may not be perceiving things correctly— because of sickness, stress, emotions, distressing thoughts, fears, spiritual influences, disappointment, or confusion.

4. Things may not be as bad as they seem.

5. In five years, you may not remember all these difficulties; you will remember how you behaved under the pressure.


6. You have friends that love you. 

7. You have family that loves you.

8. You have people you don’t even know... that love you.

9. Just one step in the right direction makes it easier to stay on the right path.

10. This could be a funny story someday. Or a motivational story. Or a sobering story that someone else needs to hear. First, however, the story must be lived out.

11. God watches over the itty-bitty birds, and He is watching over you with even greater care.

12. You can do it. 

13. If you run away from your fears and pressures right now, they’ll still be there tomorrow, and the next day, and the next and the next.

14. “He who is in you is greater than he that is in the world.” 

15. If you give up now, you won’t get to celebrate when you win this battle! 

16. Don’t think “It’s just this once” that you’ll give up or give in– every decision matters. When you give up once, you make it easier to give up again and again and again.

17. You are surrounded by a cloud of witnesses, cheering you on. Finish the race. Don’t give up.

18. Get some rest. You’ll see things differently in the morning. 

19. You are strong. You are able. You are significant. 

20. Work, homework, tasks, projects, to-do lists, and plans– it’s all just stuff. In the end it doesn’t matter. What does matter is your character. And when you handle all that stuff, your character is strengthened bit by bit

21. You can’t do– on your own. But you have friends and and family and colleagues who are there to help if you simply askAnd a God who hears us when we call. 

22. Don’t take yourself too seriously. All of life is play, so enjoy your work like a child enjoys a bucket of Legos. The child might cry when his Lego tower tumbles, but then he goes back to work. Play. Cry. Get back to work.

23. It’s not a sin to be troubled, be stressed, feel weak and unable. Christ knew all these struggles, and He blazed a trail for us to get out of the muck. 

24. Christ overcame the powers of this world, and you stand in His victory circle!

25. Look at your monsters, your giants, your demons. They aren’t so scary when you turn on the light and see them for what they are– lies.

26. If your life was a movie, what would the audience be screaming at the screen? “Just give up!”? Or “You got this! Yeah! Come on! You can do it!”? 

27. Your value is not determined by your sins and mistakes, but by God’s love and your identity in Christ.

28. You are not defined by how you messed up, what you’ve lost, what you haven’t become– you are defined by Abba God’s thoughts of you. And He is singing over you a song of love and mercy.

29. So yes, you’ve messed up and sinned. But instead of digging your own grave to wallow in your filth, confess it to God and throw it into the Grave that He has dug and defeated, where Death itself shall soon make its home.

30. DCWPT. Don’t care what people think. They probably don’t hate you like you think they do. But even if they did, you are not defined by their thoughts.

31. Think of all your successes. You’ve done so much and experienced so much. Continue in this path of victory and glory to God.

32. Give yourself a hug. You need it.

33. Somewhere, someone is praying for you.

34. Somewhere, someone is thinking of you and wishing you the best.

35. Somewhere, someone is remembering your impact on her life and thanking God for all you’ve done.

36. “My grace is sufficient for you.”

37. “My power is made perfect in your weakness.

 38. Splash some water on your face and look in the mirror. Say all the things you like about yourself to yourself. “You are…” “You are…” “You are…” Believe them.

39. Don’t worry about what’s coming in two days, two weeks, two months. Look at what you can do for the next two hours. Do it. Rinse and repeat.

40. You are not alone.

41. There are millions of other people who feel this way or have felt this way. This isn’t to make you feel insignificant, but know that if others have made it through, so can you.

42. God is still inviting you to His wedding feast. Your invitation hasn’t been rescinded. They are still preparing your meal and looking forward to the day you arrive.

 43. Think of all the fun stuff that you could be doing instead of sitting here worrying about whatever’s on your plate. Heck, you could be DOING the thing you’re worrying about— then it would be over and done! Worry helps nothing and no one.

 44. Time is a gift. You can’t reach back and re-use time that is spent. All you have is the time ahead of you. Every moment is fleeting. Every moment is a gift. Use it well.

45. Even if you give up, it’s always a new day, a new chance to turn things around. Don’t think it’s all over and done.

46. “Nothing is wasted in the hands of our redeemer.”

47. If you give up, you’re just going to feel even more shame, guilt, and fear.

48. But if you do give up and feel all those things, “cast your anxiety on Him, because He cares for You.”

49. You’re in a dark wood. You’re stumbling along, barely able to see what’s right in front of you. Wait for the light. It may take time, but when we see things clearly, we see Christ standing beside us in our pain.

50. Don’t give up. I won’t if you don’t.

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