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What’s in My Pocket? – November 2013

No, I’m not talking about lint. Silly people.

That’s what I’m writing about next week.

No, Pocket is a Google Chrome extension (also available for other browsers) that allows you to save interesting links, videos, articles, etc. that you come across over time but don’t have time to read at the moment. It’s better than simply a bookmark, because you could have a million bookmarks after a couple of weeks if you are the Internet addict that I am. I’m going to share some of these links every once in a while and hope they might interest some of you. And the rest of you, those who find all the stuff in my Pocket to be silly and frivolous, I have only one thing to say to you:

Anyway, here’s a few links from my Pocket in November 2013.

From Etsy Titanium Ring- Tension Set, Sandblasted, and Anodized.  If you have a spare $155 lying around (plus $8 for shipping) you might like this ring. Or if you’d like to purchase it for me, I wouldn’t say no. (My ring size is 8 or 8.5. Thanks!)  But seriously, you should check out their store— lots of fine work. (Actually, I’d appreciate any number of their rings… just saying.)

0 POINT® Items for Weight WatchersThis little site has been helpful as I navigate the world of Weight Watchers. There are times when you just want to snack on something, and checking this list (or the WW website or books) can help you find something to munch on.

Skating Rink Carpet– I don’t remember how I came across this link, but seriously, how cool would it be if your bedroom, den, or random room had one of these amazing designs on the floor? (I’ve got a feeling this might be a reason I’m not married… ) There is a great variety of carpet patterns from this company. If you end up using it, you better send pictures!

Orthodoxy, Orthopraxy and Orthopathy– I’ve been interested in this concept for a short while now. I don’t know what inspired the interest, a class, a book, a professor or friend. Here’s the thing. We constantly talk about Orthodoxy (including but also going further than the excellent text by Chesterton). Orthodoxy basically means “right doctrine,” and specifically is used to define the proper beliefs of the Church. Lately there has been a push for Orthopraxy, which would mean “right practice.” This is in reaction to a tendency for the Church to be inward-focused on ideas and beliefs and not actually living them out through good works. This blog, found at The Institute of Reformed Baptist Studies website, brings up the third concept: Orthopathy, which would mean “right affection.” I won’t explain it in great detail here, but you should check out the short blog post for an interesting idea…

The Twisted Trees of Slope Point These pictures of trees in New Zealand are fascinating, and there is a fascinating story behind the trees’ strange shapes. Check it out! 

Christian Music by Jamie Soles- From his website: Jamie Soles is a Christian singer/songwriter from Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada with several albums to his credit…His kid’s music, for which he is best known, is serious-minded fun, and loved by all ages for its ability to open up Bible stories and lists and make them accessible…:”  I have actually not yet looked into more of his music, but I will do so soon. Hope you find it interesting as well!  That’s the fun thing about Pocket– you can put it away for later and maybe share it with others too. So, until next time… :)


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