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Random Art- November 2013

I have a problem creating pieces that I feel are worthy of posting online. But sometimes it’s good to just throw your hands up in the air sometimes, say “Hey Oh” and post some random art. Made this MSPaint picture while listening to Sara Groves’ song, “He’s Always Been Faithful.”  I also made the video below (using beautiful footage from Forest Glen filmed by my friend Shelby– thanks Shelby!) with the song. Watch below! I made this wall art a few months ago for my apartment living room. My mom purchased a roll of cork for me, as well as the ampersand (which I did not make). I was trying to find something to fill the space and realized that this would be a beautiful addition to the room. Any time I nap on the couch, I rest under grace and peace. I sketched this drawing of my friend and pastor Ian Simkins during church one day. He was speaking about judgment and held a plank up to his eye to illustrate the ridiculousness we encounter when we judge others. In Jesus’ words: “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?” (Matthew 7:3). For a teaching class I’m taking this semester, we have to observe others teach. I visited a Bible study on John 10 led by one of my friends, and at the end he left some time for people to draw a picture of the story of the Good Shepherd. What really stood out to me was the fact that the sheep don’t just stay in the pen forever, but are led out by the Good Shepherd on a grand adventure home. Two days later, I was studying one of our readings for this teaching class and wanted to sketch something to represent the safe boundaries we set as teachers. No doubt, the Good Shepherd story was still in my mind. This last piece was done last year during a Children’s Ministry class. We were supposed to draw representations of childhood and adulthood. During that time, I was feeling somewhat bitter and exhausted at life, which can be reflected in my picture of adulthood. Still, I can’t help but see life as that second picture. Unless. Unless we take time to relax, to rest, to play, to enjoy, to be childlike, to draw. I have a feeling that eternity will be like the first picture. Perhaps we can experience a bit of eternity in the here and now. Excuse me, I need to go draw.

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