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The Box

“Think Outside the Box.”

This axiom is an accusation

for all who are lost in apathy and acedia.

When all I see is wall, wall, ceiling, floor, wall and wall…

How can I escape? How can I get out?

While it’s intended as a call to creativity,

it can come across as an echo of your inability.

Inability to dream, to think, to reason, to move forward, onward.

Symptoms: Lethargy, Immobility– Diagnosis: Coward.

At least that’s what it seems to a mind in chains,

enchained by its own powerful delusions.

Facts and delusions march on by in a masquerade parade,

and with my sketchy eyesight, I can’t tell one from the other.

At times the box is calm and serene, a world unto itself.

At times it is severe, piercing, searing pain, a hell unto itself.

Think Outside the Box?  If only. If only it was that simple.

Stockholm Syndrome or a love affair, it’s hard to tell…

I am the Box. The Box is me. This mind, this skin, this body.

How can I think beyond this space? Beyond this frame, this faulty frame?

I can call to mind Promises & Remembrances & Songs & Recitals,

but they simply join the parade and push me up against the wall.

Maybe if I scratch and scratch and tear and tear and tear up this wall,

I can break free from this prison called Myself.

But this Box is also a Temple (and yes, I know that interpretation might be faulty).

And within this Temple, somewhere within this Box

There is a light.

No, not the parade spectacle,

nor the flashing party bulbs–

But a light. A light.  A light that transforms this box into so much more.

A Temple.

A Tabernacle.

An Upper Room.

A Mansion.

Not to say the Box is the End All of the Heavenlies,

but perhaps an Antechamber, a Foyer, a Narthex.

There are still four walls, a ceiling and a floor.

And the time will come to “Think Outside the Box” and more.

But for now, I must search for that light…

It’s been too long.







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  • Wow! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.To think outside the box is great for brainstorming and dreaming, but when it comes down to it we are restricted to the box. Boxes have many sides: finances, structures and systems, physical space, time, personal limits, relationships.

  • Thanks– this was a little poetic stream of consciousness exercise, and it ended up being more personal than I planned. But yes, it’s true– we are restricted to the box. Which is both a good thing and a bad thing…

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