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The Odd Liturgy, Part 4

One of these days, I’m going to show y’all the art of the Odd Liturgy, the little book in which I’ve been inscribing these prayers. The prayer is as much the image as the words… But for now, the words will have to do.

A Prayer When Stuck

Break the Chains

of Selfishness, of Pride, of Fear

of Sin, of Death.

Draw me in with cords

of loving-kindness.


For a Prayer Necklace

I carry these prayers

in my heart, by the Spirit, through Jesus

to my Father and King.

I bring them before You

and lay them down at Your feet.

Your Will Be Done.


Hiccups (A Cycle Prayer)



with Your love INTERRUPTING,

the unending love of


Turning from Distractions of Life

i am far too easily pleased

You offer me a holiday at the sea

but i am content making mud pies in a slum

and fool about with drink and sex and ambition

You offer infinite joy

to this ignorant child

this half-hearted creature with weak desires

may my desire be strong

and be for You

as i deny myself, take up my cross and follow You.

 (taken from the writing of CS Lewis)


Brushing Hair

Lord, You know me better than I know myself.

You know the number of hairs on my head.

So straighten my paths,

straighten this crooked form,

and transform me into Your image.

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