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Yoda said, “Do or do not. There is no try.”

I disagree.

Sometimes, all you have is try.

For “good enough” parents.

For cancer patients, living on hope.

For the depressed man, mustering all his strength to simply get out of bed.

For the single young woman lost in a sea of external romantic expectations.

For the seeker, searching for something unspoken.

For the starving artists.

For the homeless and abandoned.

For souls in transition from home to the unknown.

For the able disabled.

For the hopeless romantic stuck in the “friend zone.”

For the elderly woman, living alone in a house that once was a home.

For the family on the verge of breaking.

For the family shattered beyond repair.

For the couple unable to conceive.

For the student stumbling toward belief.

For the worn out, worn down father, unable to receive.

There is try.


Try is hope is wish is strive is aim is work is want is dream.

Try is hope.

In a world where everything is measured by failures and achievements,

Try is the effort of earnest souls.

Everywhere, they say “You are what you do”

And it all sounds nice– but they’re wrong.

You are who you are.

You do what you do.

And you become when you try.






For tomorrow is another day.

And Yoda’s just a puppet.


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