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What’s In My Pocket? – March 2014

Pocket is a Google Chrome extension (also available for other browsers) that allows you to save interesting links, videos, articles, etc. that you come across over time but don’t have time to read at the moment. It’s better than simply a bookmark, because you could have a million bookmarks after a couple of weeks if you are the Internet addict that I am. I’m going to share some of these links every once in a while and hope they might interest some of you.

The Kingdom of Heaven is Like This– Rain For Roots

Rain For Roots albums are produced by a group of female Christian musicians and it is excellent, Scripture based music for small children and parents. That being said, I am not a parent or a small child (though I’m a child at heart), and I love their music. Their previous album “Big Stories For Little Ones” was all about Biblical characters and stories and how they lead us to God. Folk sounds, beautiful voices (usually with children singing along), simple lyrics and amazing messages– that is Rain For Roots. I haven’t picked up this album yet, but I have listened to it and you can too at their bandcamp page here. Enjoy– and buy it!

“Share This With All the Schools, Please.”

A few people shared this on Facebook the other day, and it really is a touching story. How can one teacher make a huge impact on the students he or she sees every day? Read the article here to find out!




Have you ever felt like drowning? Like you just can’t do it all anymore? I know I have- and I found this art by Moga to be truly captivating. You can read about it here on Neatorama or visit her tumblr if you’d like. And keep holding on, if you feel like drowning. There is hope.

“10 Reasons Why Handheld Devices Should Be Banned for Children Under the Age of 12.”

Some of you don’t want even one reason, because you see absolutely no problem with letting kids using this technology. And some of you don’t need one more reason, because you already believe that handheld devices are bad for kids. Well, I guess I’m communicating to those of you in the middle who are willing to hear some interesting thoughts about children’s use of handheld technology. I still don’t know what side I’m on– but this article surely raises some interesting questions.

“Forgiveness- Matthew West.”

We have been talking about Forgiveness in Children’s Worship at Poplar Creek Church this month and I Pocketed this song to include in a small group discussion– and haven’t done it yet!  So hopefully this can provoke some thoughts and appreciation for the forgiveness God offers– both for the kids at church and for you as well. Enjoy!



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