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Solutions for being unable to sleep

Too many thoughts? Write them down.

Too many worries? Pray them away.

Too much light? Flip a switch.

Too full bladder? Empty it out.

Too much mess? Clean it up.

Too many plans? Think them through.

Too much noise? Cover your ears.

Too much excitement? Take your time.

Too many distractions? Close your eyes.

Too many blankets? Throw them off.

Too cold inside? Cover yourself up.

Too much pain? Keep lying still.


Solutions for being unable to sleep

Don’t always apply to aches of the heart,

to mental issues or dark nights of the soul.

Confess doubt? “Empty it out.”

Struggle with depression? “Flip a switch.”

Struck with fears and terrors? “Close your eyes.”

Dealing with irrational thoughts? “Think them through.”

Hearing voices that lie to you? “Cover your ears.”

Holding in anger and rage? “Clean it up.”

Surviving broken relationships? “Cover yourself up.”

Fighting Addictions? “Pray them away.”

Facing stress and tension? “Throw them off.”

Troubles too complex to put into words? “Write them down.”

Unable to cope anymore? “Take your time.”


If we give pat answers to those seeking help,

when we ask, “How are you doing?”

They’ll keep lying still.





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