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Jealousy rears its ugly head

A ram-like creature with two horns

Disbelief & Dissatisfaction

One hits you straight in the spine

Crumpling & crumbling your security & stature

The central column & core of your life

Can fall out of alignment after just one bump

One horn goes right above the posterior

And makes you go “But, but, but, but…”

“But why can’t I have that?”

“But I guess they’re better than me..”

“But it’s just not fair!”

“But I just wish I had more.”

An ugly head, an ugly head indeed

Half-ram, half-ostrich, half-demon

Always overstepping its bounds

Jealousy spends most of its life in hiding

Finding a hole & diving in

Making a mess & leaving its mark

When it finally shows up once again

To rear its ugly head

You realize it never left

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