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5 Fun Links to Share

Enjoy these various sites, videos and tech from my random travels around the world wide web!


Check out http://ncase.me/door/ and play a quick game– shouldn’t take you more than 2 minutes (unless you’ve never used the arrow keys on your keyboard or are still running Windows 95). And the end result… well, it’s a fun surprise! Hope you enjoy playing and sharing this with friends and family! (If you just refuse to visit the site, scan to the bottom to find out how it ends.)


Have a favorite song that you’d like to listen to for hours upon end? Then http://labs.echonest.com/Uploader/index.html is for you!

Somehow they are able to find similarities in a song and find spots where the player can jump forward or backward to another part of the song over and over again so it feels like the song never ends. I won’t go into the programming details… because I don’t fully understand them.  But it is real fun! Use the songs already uploaded or upload your own!


Are you a walking dictionary? Would you like to be? Well, unfortunately they don’t offer a dictionary t-shirt, but thanks to http://www.litographs.com/ you can walk around in classics like Pride and Prejudice or Peter Pan, books by HG Wells or Victor Hugo, or your favorite literature from their wide array of choices!

They sell T-Shirts, Posters, and Tote Bags covered in a book’s text arranged in an representative image or symbol from the book. Good luck deciding which one to buy!


Want to tear up at the goodness of a few kind souls? Well then watch the video below! An interviewer introduces a few young Italian boys to a girl and instructs them to describe her, make her laugh, and… slap her? The boys react to that last command with conviction and wisdom– but don’t let me ruin it for you! Watch it for yourself (and grab a tissue!)


I prefer books to ebooks, CDs to mp3s, DVDs to digital downloads– I know I’m not alone, but the tendency these days is to move further and further away from physical objects, even with smart phones. These days, the only buttons on most phones are the power button, volume rocker and perhaps a home button?

The folks at http://dimple.io/ decided to offer a solution– they sell buttons that you can attach to your Android phone (sorry iGeeks!) that use NFC (near field communication) signals to accomplish whatever task you choose– call specific people, take a picture, open an application, etc.

I’m waiting for my order to arrive, so I haven’t tested them yet, but I am excited to try them out!


Hope you enjoyed these links and share them with your friends!



P.S. The game has you go through a couple quick quests, and at the end you find out that you spelled out “I <3 U” — so if you send it to someone, it’s a fun way to tell them that they are loved.

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