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The Building Hum

Have you heard it?

If you work all day and go to bed at night, you probably have missed out.

If you play music 24/7, no doubt you’ve drowned it out.

If you busy yourself with odds and ends, you can avoid it.

But if you stay up

and slow down

and stop



you can hear it.

The hum.

Computer sings itself to sleep while Coffee Maker gurgles and gargles for the morning.

The walls crackle like a struggling campfire, almost inaudible; however, if you listen hard, you can hardly hear them.

Building settles, for the millionth time, for the thousandth night in a row. Such a strong house, built on a firm foundation. If it takes this long for Building to find its place, surely I can take my time too.

Empty Rooms echo like caves, sighing and waiting for people to wake and move and breathe and a ruckus to erupt like a heartbeat within.

Refrigerator murmurs and buzzes like it’s not only full of food and drinks but full of joy for the work that it does, to feed and sustain the bodies of its family, ready for the morning to arrive and the bulb to come on to light up the faces of groggy, dreary souls.

AC rattles in the ceiling, like an octogenarian’s old, brittle bones. Keep on rattling, keep on breathing, keep on living and keeping it cool. 

Printer awakes at odd intervals, almost as if the aliens are sending top secret documents to the invisible spies that live in your home, but each time it wakes, it eventually falls back to sleep– at least, as long as you are still watching and listening… When you go to bed, who knows what happens?

The drip, DRIP, drip, dripdrip of Faucet reminds you of a drummer in a middle school rock band.

Chair beneath your tuckus even has something to say it its creaking creaks and squeaking squeaks– but only if you listen.

Every part has it part to play, every piece with its own silent song.

The building hum builds all night long


for someone

to listen.


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