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November 4, 2008: Facebook Reactions

Millions waited and watched and reacted as history was made. Barack Obama was elected the 44th President of the United States of America. And Evan Weppler decided to save a bit of history in his inbox.

I watched the coverage online, read news stories, and spent a good deal of time on Facebook (nothing new, huh?). But this time, it wasn’t just to like my friend’s pictures of food and babies and comment on viral videos. I saw my friends split into various camps as the day went on. Some announced plans to move if/when Obama was elected (none of them did). Some shouted for joy while others shouted at the heavens. Some danced, while others wept. Words and phrases were thrown around like confetti and firebombs: Neo-Marxist,  “God Save Us,” hope, black man, excited, praying, leadership, GOBAMA!, secede, “mourn the death of our country,” history, success, why?

That night, I decided to save a little piece of history by copying all these Facebook statuses in my News Feed into an email to my inbox. And now, almost 7 years later, we can take a glimpse of how a group of primarily college students (with some older and younger people) from Texas (with some out of state and out of the country) with a variety of political and religious beliefs reacted to the election of Barack Obama.

(All the names below have been changed and replaced with fake names generated from www.behindthename.com/random/random-name-generator.info/, and www.fakenamegenerator.com/ and some personal oversight [weeding out strange names, keeping some genders the same, etc.] I tried to use a variety of names from difference cultures so as to not to stereotype either side. Oh, and I’m listed in a couple comments below. Guess who?)


November 4, 2008

Evan Weppler’s Facebook Feed

Annette Davis is more concerned about the fact that Congress is BLUE too.


Lauren Stokes  is moving to New Zealand instead… heard its prettier!


Carlie Pritchard thinks our country may be going “Down, down, down in FLAMES…(Relient K)” {praying hardcore for our country}.


Robin Robidoux is ……………………………


Joseph A. Johnson is we are all screwed because a terrorist just got elected. But guess what…God is on McCain’s side because McCain hates gay ppl and abortion!


Dave Lee Bragg Guys don’t worry. Me and Bono are running for office….Bragg/Bono ’12.


Winston Jonson is pretty sure that socialism isn’t the answer, but hey, apparently America is all for it-no accountability or encouragement to be better citizen…sounds good.

Faye B. Thibodeau I’m going to continue celebrating. Why haven’t you called me? 😛


Kraig Charles is happy! He made it guys, but still have him in your thoughts.


Barbara L. Richards is just glad it’s done. Fact:Obama won. Fact:McCain seceded. Now what we do is get behind the president-elect. And pray for him.


Richard Capps now would be a good time to drop out of college.


Johnnie Keen can’t believe it really happened.


Michael M. Pascoe there is alot of parallels to Fidel Castro’s election. Look it up!


Kurt Lewis Potts really wants to be a history teacher now just so she can teach about this day in history.


Andrea Susan Warren is praying for our country, it’s all in God’s hands now. Just step back and watch Him work.


John Lawson Gibson has lost all faith in the American youth. Y’all voted a terrorist into power. Idiots!


Melissa O’Quinn hates her life at the moment.


Aaron James Houston thats how all of us republicans feel right now


Kevin R. Turner is asking God why he is different and what am I doing wrong?

Ken Roberts Hunt Kevin, we should pray that God’s punishments for our sins, does not go far beyond what we have already received with this neo-Marxist.

Jason Harbone what’s up bud?


Ricky Jacobs is ready to eat…I think I can keep it down. lol.


Gillian Meyer cannot believe that she’s alive for this night… the hinges of history just shifted.


Julian Wagner is to all the ppl who are hatin on Obama..this is a free country. you have the RIGHT to LEAVE!


Joey Reed is seceding from the Union. Long live the Republic of Texas!

Brent Coleman Dear Joey , I love you, no homo. I’m sorry you were in a republican state so your vote didn’t matter.  Love Brent


Phil Martin is NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!


Francis Santos says fuck obama i hope the bitch gets killed.


Laurence Holland is hardcore praying for our country…


Francis Santos says fuck obama i hope that nigga gets killed tonight.


Elisa Mckinney is theres that and theres that.


Jean Fitzgerald is R.I.P. UnitedStates, it was nice knowin ya.


Mitchell Gibson is somewhat sleepy.


Brett Larson is really sympathizing with Jefferson’s sentiments of democracy: mob rule, where 51% may take away the rights of the other 49%.


Marcella Jo Salazar attention:everyone needs to wear black tomorrow to mourn the death of our country! lol.

Gwendolyn Owen our country isnt gonna die, just get a little f-d up

Leslie Hammond im not sure how to react right now…this should be a very interesting 4 years


Brittany Sarah Collier is Obama for my mama!


Kim Ortiz wants everyone to keep our country in your prayers. We’re going to need it.


Marlene Cain is tired but He is in control! :).


Jessie Burton is obama elected …


Jody Robbins Remember Remember the 4th of November, an election that wont be forgot. There will be many reason why change this season shall not be forgot-History kills over.


Lola Price built a lethal periscope that could probably cause you tremendous physical harm….no seriously it could.


Phillip Rodriguez is not happy about his pulled muscle…..


Judy Wright is I couldn’t agree more with my other half…. Romans 13:1, Pro. 21:1.


Anna Simmons is adios America and hello Canada!!!


Terry Ramirez what an amazing day… OBAMA 08!!!!!!!!!!!!


Andrea Powell Fuck yeah, America!


Mildred Smith is being attacked from all sides encluding phisical, emotional, and others and needs wall that are undestroyable.


Benji Howard never seen a black guy beat a white woman and white man and get away with it… Wow what have we come to.


Karen Price congratulates President-Elect Obama–he will have my prayers and respect as my president.


Kelly Peterson has faith.


Jessica James let me know if socialism works this time – I’m headed to australia.


Jamey Stanford is happy the election is over, no more political ads!


Maire Woodley… President Barack Hussein Obama… has a nice Arab ring to it, doesn’t it?


Judson Rutledge is so so sad.


Alaina Kauffman were facing a second depression…MORE TAXES IS WHAT WE NEED!! OFCOURSE!!


Kandice Roberta Lundy is moving to europe somewhere far far away!!


Tamiko McReynolds is hopeful.


Louis Herndon is praying for the USA and knows that this is in God’s plan (even though he doesn’t know what that is)…


Adriene Logue is “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit” ~Psalm 34:18.


Chris Lee Dillard is not sure how much more he can handle…


Calvin Legg is there goes democracy!


Bella Burkhart is reading your status update.


Jacquelynn Noonan is in tears….. of SADNESS. All I can say is… American needs to turn to Christ and not Obama. I’ll be in my prayer closet.

Lara Major God was in control, Jacquelynn. Everything is going to be okay :-)

Joseph Knutson I agree. This is a democracy, and God is in control. Our country needs to do what McCain did in his speech, unite. Patriots, suport your new president. Be critical, but he is the President. United we stand, divided we falll. Remember that


Mark Ramos says if you won, don’t trash talk. If you lost, don’t hate. The polls are closed, so let’s move on and come back together as Americans.

Bridget Keller we can always count on your wisdom and straight thinking sensibility. I love that. Thank you.


Angelina Watson is very excited about the next 4 years and has respect for McCain for not bashing the 44th president-Obama.


Joel Andrew Lindsey is watching John McCain speak on TV and admires him so much right now.


Chad Stephens is tired! :).


Lyle Waters is overwhelmed.


Andy Simpson  wear black tomorrow to mourn the death of our country.


Carl Russell can stay in school and waste 30,000$ to get a job supporting the lazy dumbasses in this country…or he could drop out and join them.

Jason Barnes me and my roommate were just talkin about that

Eugene S. Murphy seriously. why the f would i want to bust my ass so some lazy piece of crap can get a part of it?

Grant Morris yea we were talkin about how we’re not gonna be able to afford school anymore, and that we’d be better droppin out and just bein lazy and enjoyin life


Martha Ward thinks that if you say God bless America, why do you worry?


Thalia Cooper won’t be satisfied nor content with where I am…I want to be with You, Jesus! I will seek your face…


Kenneth White is not going to discuss the election. What’s done is done and there is no use complaining about it.


Rebecca Ward is watching history in the making. wow.


Christina Watson is embarrassed by America.


Richard Evans can’t believe Obama finally did it! And all it took was a recession…


Vada Romeo quiere darte un beso sin pensar.


Carl Russell is considering dropping out of school and getting on wellfare…hell i bet it’ll pay more than being an engineer.

Antone Lacey Pretty sure it will! We are so “effed”…

Carl Russell yeah i know buddy…


Solomon Herr knows all things work together for good.


Natasha Lemaster is disappointed that America chose style over substance.


R. Brenda Hughes is OBAMA!


Heather Collins yea, thank god!

Will Foster Great success!


Adam Miller is dissapointed…


Steve Jackson is super excited!!!!!


Susan Long is no matter who you voted for, realize today we all united as one nation to have our voice heard. unless you were me and didn’t vote :].

Wayne Cook ahahahh well said. I didn’t vote either. I couldnt!


Jen Polley : Tmrw is a brand new day. OBAMA ’08.


Meryl Bryant Is slightly hyperventalating… And is praying… “Oh God save us all! “.


Kelvin Tabita Psalm 2:10-11…….Our God is bigger than any president will ever be…He is still in control.


Katherine R Goffe im glad you posted that! amen to that


Freddy Elmer is moving out of the country b4 it goes to….yea…

Gabrielle Partos Get a working visa, citizenship is too hard to attain in a short period of time.


Hilda Lewis is going to bed, and not waking up.


Alexandrina Pocock is FUCK all the dumb asses that was on my ass! OBAMA IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE USA! A lot of people are going to be moving out the country so dont move to Israel!


Michael R Arbeit is praying for God to grant Obama wisdom to make wise decisions during his term.


Jenny Schulze welcomes our new president as long as he doesn’t f things up. :).


Rose Sanderson who is in favor of Texas seceding from the Union?

Caroline Thompson I was totally thinking about that today. I’m all for it now!


Lawrence Hobbes is laughing at people’s status changes :).

Cindy Jeanne hahaha! i know! i have very diverse friends on facebook : P

Jenson Green me too…it makes me smile.


Piper Adela is watching iron man…again.

Hudson Allred I do NOT blame you. hahaha


Rebecca Michaels loves our President, George W. Bush .


Tina Hodson yeah..


Corina Snijder hopes Obama will do a good job.


Paul Clark so this is the next four years, economy=shit, every other program…hey buddy, yeah you Obama WE CAN’T AFFORD YOUR PROGRAMS!!We’re through,bye bye American Pie!


Reggie B Wilkinson is we’re screwed.


Sara Russell is Extremely PISSED off … This was not the change the country needed.


Abe Stovall is My TV told me that Bob Barr won… weird.  

Leeann Sims what channel are you watching? cause i want to watch THAT one.


Gordon J Howard is ” Now therefore, be wise.


Bruce Slusser is watching CNN talk about our new president Barack Obama..congrats sir.


Simon Forestier is BUSH YOU’RE FIRED!

Jerell Todd And this is exactly why I admire the great Simon Forestier.


Cara Wolff Is doing a victory dance!!! *Yes we can!!!*.


Timothy Hall hahaha.


Lincoln C Séverin my muthafuckin president is black.


Amberly R Winter is yes we can!


Shanon Rodolph is well… hmmm…


Johanna Mounce is WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!


Daniel Berger wishes people would act appropriately and maturely about politics and stop acting like its anything more than opinion.

Burt Lucassen THANK YOU

Francis L Ebner YES, THANK YOU! Wait. My status message…crap.


Arthur Octavian is trying to envision life 4 years from now…hello higher taxes…


Christine Zebulon is yay obama!


Ernest Matheson  is obama:).


Maureen Perry silently chuckles.


Neal Kendall Is moving to switzerland right now. Anyone come with me?

Gabrielle Klerkx ohh ohh i want to go. non obama nation. he suppose to be our president. with people that havent voted in 20 years. crap were screwed if he wins.


Cass Scrivenor is saddened by America’s poor choice.

Gloriana K Heath i agree :(


Sylvester Voll is YAAAAY OBAMA! God bless you President Elect :).


Susanna Banks :)


Madeline A. Tolbert for the first time in my life, our grandparents didn’t elect the president!

Hanna Albertson no kidding.


Kendall George the Great Destroyer has come. THE END IS NEAR!!!! Buy your tickets to Canada.

Brandi Kopp It’s okay Texas is going to secede anyway.


Gina Frost is thinking its about time for texas to secede from the union!


Willie James The Lord still reigns, people! Though it sounds a lot like 1 Samuel 8 :-s.


Johnna Brewer is still not tagging pics and big it up to me main man obama.


Cassie Linton Jack is Australia anyone?

Lennie Bonnay Im with you…lets leave tomorrow

Cassie Linton K its a deal…just gotta go get a passport…


Tanner Stevens well done America, say goodbye to Capitalism and hello to Socialism. Don’t worry when your getting taxed out the butt, there will always be more taxes.

Gerry Hess secession, anyone?

Tanner Stevens Yes sir…


Madilyn P Roberts thinks its going to be a bad four years.


Amelia Burnham is so proud to be an american right now. barack obama, i am so ready for the change you are going to bring about.


Trenton Ryer is in prayer for America and is hoping for a bright future.


Daisy Gideon devastating..time to move. HELLO SWITZERLAND!

Kirsten Timmons Nah, Irish boys are hotter. Meet you there?

Daisy Gideon shveeet. so excited!!!!!


Hector Gagne is uh oh.


Jen Irving is so glad that God reigns over all!


Andrea Waterman is so sad Obama won.


Oscar Garrett is moving to mexico.

Tabitha Bissette ahahah. HEY! OBAMA is AMAZINg. so don’t hate.

Oscar Garrett all i said was im movin to mexico. didnt say anything bout the terrorist

Cecilia Timour HEY! haterrrr.  :)


Jessika S Travert is thinking its about time for texas to succeed from the union!

Sebastian Mark it’s “secede” you dunsky. And yes. I’m so mad.

Jessika S Travert thanks for the spell check! i guess im just to shocked i cant spell anymore


Dory Thompsett Ahhh! Goooo Obama!!


Christina Norris congratulates our new President. Time to unite together as Americans and look forward…


Laila Moses obama baby!!!!


Kirsty Beck WANTS TO DANCE!!! LOL.


Ruth Kruckel expected for this mistake to be made and now expects even more mistakes to be made within the next 4 years.


Jenna Harding can’t wait until 4 years from now. BRINGIT.

Susan D Park hahaha




Max Overfield is moving to australia. wanna join me?


Nathaniel Merrill Fairbairn is embarassed that we are giving our soldiers a commander in chief who voted against getting them the support they needed to be successful.


Vivien Pearce well done, say goodbye to capitalistic America.

Cherie Wickham Yep hello socialism


Alice D Walters  is moving to Australia!!…

Milton Rutherford No way!! Me too!!!


Graham West is moving to canada.


Chance Bailey devastating..time to move.

Luke Thomas Keys To Canada? England? Switzerland? Donde?


Alexis Harlan is a little sad, to be honest.


Hector Gagne zzzzzzzzzz became a race war in 3 seconds.


Rebecca Maier I hope all the moderates know that they just put the most liberal candidate ever nominated to the American presidency in office.


Nadia Koch is OBAMA is my PRESIDENT…The barriers have been broken and we just made HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Cayden Beake  is you are all going to be sorry and i am going to say i told you so…

Anna Chung agreed ORIGINAL agreed!!!

Tommie Wolf I agree!


Adam Adkins the Great Destroyer has come. THE END IS NEAR!!!!

Esther Devine dalkdfjkasdjfla;sjfkl;dsjassdjkfl;ajdksl;j =(




Cheyenne Lee is FUCK all the dumb asses that was on my ass!!!! OBAMA IS THE PRESIDENT OF THE USA!!!



Kahla Butcher WHYYYYY?????

Oscar Garrett IDK, I DONT WANNA KNO, BUT ITS OK, HE WILL BE ASSASSINATED SOMETIME!!! wait, did i say that?……..

Cora Wright  omg, i can’t believe you just said that, and i can’t believe i’m laughing.


Rose Harrell is celebrating.


Frances Huff LADIES AND GENTS!!!!!!!! PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Lissa Sempers is OBAMA//BIDEN 2008!!!!!!!! :)).

Honor Stevens YES!!!!! People are going insane here at A&M…they think the world is gonna end.


Annabelle G Langdon YAY OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rose Erikson is sad story… McCain fans go to school wearing all black to mourn the loss of our great nation.


Brennan Veen is praying for the future of our country.


Aaron George is getting the hell out of dodge…canada here i come…..


Amalia Chikako is God is in control. That’s why Obama is NOT the anti-christ. And THAT is why Obama is PRESIDENT. OBAMA08!

Reagan S Welch 😀


Kevin Heinrich is if mccain doesnt win…it will suck.


Larry Sheets is FUCK FUCK FUCK.

Grady Farnham with you on this one

Martha Lee Michel I’m sorry your sad.

Murphy Van Rompaye stock up on (soon to be) contraband.




Jeremiah Royle IS THAT FINAL?!


Nicole Johnson YES WE DID.


Micheal Z Brahms is YES, YES, HE WON.


Carl Hall is changing his facebook status so others dont have a comment war!!


Maximilian Anderson is praying for his Country, and trusting God with what He is doing.

Muriel Edwardson agreed

Emily Cooke that’s all that is left to do now.

Malinda Renita Jernigan romans 8:28


Eliott Abrams is 220 to 135…all we need is CALIFORNIA!!!


Krystal Ogden is stuffing her money under her matress so Commrade Barack won’t take it all…


Krista Felicity is so tired, but I guess it’s worth it.


Vincent Burns is about to start DELETING people, going down the status list and deleting.


Garret Dale is so excited about the election today!


Daniela Abels is OBAMA!!!!


Scottie Campos is tired of politics.

Catrina Porcher Amen.

Margaret Saylor I second that “amen.” Maybe people will go back to being decent to each other again now.


Marcos Parker The Lord still reigns, people! :).


Isaiah Bone had a good day at work. school tomorrow and work again!!


Abby Jamison is crying out to you God…please please please have mercy on us…


Michael Headley is okay then.


Hunter Atkinson is tireddd like no other!


Sarah Hibbs is watching the election returns and hoping Obama does well… and I’m STILL a passionate follower of Christ.. go figure!

Charis Smith nope…you’re a muslim too…

Frankie Thatcher Good word my friend.


Charles Miller Hall is in a neutral mood.


Amy Cooper is saying the day that we lose our will to fight is the day we lose our freedom.


Charles Miller Hall is no longer in a pleasant mood.

Penny Virgil is it because of how the election is turning out?


Amanda Newton is OBAMA!

Walter Lawrence ….sucks

Amanda Newton DUDE do I know you…..my comment to you was not McCain sucks!!! Get over yourself. Obama is about to be prez!!! I will take my Obama loving ass back to CNN and you can too and please put your head in a pillow when they announce it!

Jennifer Springer Amanda Newton ur friends are LAME! Its NOT to late to jump on the obama train.Next stop the white house.


Sophia Martel thinks that she might be moving to Germany soon…especially if Obama wins.


Amber Rush is gonna wake up deafly ill tomorrow.


Aaron Epsom can’t wait to hear Obama’s first speech as the president-elect. Because you know that he wants it to be epic. Oh, and arkansas is still terrible in football.



Stanley Crisp Im with ya Jerry…

Walter Neville same here!


Phillip Harman *Obama 207-135*.


Lyndon Wake is wooo Obama!


Jason Beake cant wait till 3rd period.



Geneva Sherman positive thoughts! Go McCain Go!


Brent Matthew Jones is watching John King and his magic map.


Jill Abrahams loves hearing old school car alarms!


Valerie Clifford not too thrilled about this election.


Lucas Carl has started removing friends from facebook… elections are insightful.

Rochelle K Gonzalez You better not remove me! I’ll cry! I’m like a sister to you!!!!!  be nice to me, Jim Carrey. If you’re not I’ll have to beat you up!

Janet Reynolds Does that include me? We were katana buddies ;(


Maude P Daniel “HE’S A WRECKIN MACHINE!!!”.


Paul Gregory Pitts is getting his gun ready.


Lisa Coombs is reading a book.

Jules Ellisson its about time


Davis Townsend  is watching the presidential election!


Daisy Gideon thinks its not looking good right now…


Gina Gregory  wishes she weren’t so injury-prone.


Tamara Klerkx is come on McCain!


Marina Hooker is scared of the next four years…

Nadine Ruiz God is in control. Take your eyes off of the election and on God-he is in the miracle business. Trust him!


Therese Lucia Jones says goooo MCCAIN!


Greg Savage  is still feeling pain from a pointless back ingurey Sunday. But my Dad says I might be going through another growthspert!! Yes!!!


Sabrina S Haumann thinks we should pray hard for Barack Obama– to realize scriptural truth about homosexuality, abortion, and protection for Israel.

Heather Morrish That’s a great idea, Sabrina!

Richard C Darby We also need to pray hard for the people of this country who are voting in those that do not support spiritual truths and basic moral values. I am surprised at my fellow Americans. We have a huge mission field in the USA.


Lori Adair is NOT happy.


Shayna Abana is 207 to 89…63 more and history will be made!


Shannon Padron is laughing about the fact that she just saw two people arguing about McCain… and they were arguing the same thing… and they both voted for him, i think.


Lucy Massey doesn’t want Obama to win!

Vance Prescott that blows my mind Lucy Massey …

Lucy Massey arg i really dont like Obama…at all

Russell Paul cool. :)


Nicole A Hyland is the election is in God’s hands, He knows what He is doing.

Esther Wilcox this is the best thing i have read all day! && so true!!! i miss you!

Nicole A Hyland thanks :) i miss u too!! we need a reunion!


Kaye Burns thinks that if Obama wins, we might as well call ourselves the Soviet Union :D.


Isabel Altena is praying for her country.


Lewis Rodgers is preparing for obama’s leadership…. pretty dissapointed in my country on this one.


Eva Griffin Beat The Ever Living Hell Outta Obama!!!!

Jacob Robert WHOOP!


Noah Bennett GOBAMA!!! WOOHOO!! :).


Felicia Williamson *Obama 200-124*.


Norman Michael agrees with Alexander Stovall ’cause he’s a genius…everyone should come get your wealth, ’cause they’re spreading it around tonight! :D.



Dusty Warren love obama or hate obama, please don’t ever tell me he is a conservative democrat.


Erica Carter  voted for McCain!!!!!!!


Julian Hackett is way too excited. I need to calm down.

Brant Gibbs i kno dude!!! i’m bustin outta my skin!!!!

Julian Hackett I know. (calm down, Julian). LOL


Anna Plank is amidst the makings of history with her roomie!


Joy Tobias is getting antsy… come on mccain…


Marina P Hollins is thinking about eating chocolate !!


Laura Perry is don’t blame me, I voted McCain. :).

Darrin Meir Me too!


Felicia Butcher will probably have to buy a gun tomorrow.

Candida Keighley It’s not that depressing, is it?


Simon Robert is GOBAMA!!!

Rosamund Platt Yeah!

Leah Herschel yea! its ALMOST over!



Felix Walsh 194 to 69… thank you OHIO!!!!!


Lara Van Der Venne  is waiting it out..what happens, happens..but just in case pack a bag for mexico! :-).


August Key just saw 666 in Obama’s “votes for” lol… just thought I’d share…

Matthew Pola hahahaha

Charlotte A Linton Scary




Crawford D Fowler laughing at you Republicans…hahaha.

Kassi Daugherty lol, i love you crawford


Leonard Herberts come on Florida!!!!


Neil Spurling is exhausted.


Jeannie Loom is minus 13 inches…of hair! :).

Kaylee Higgins dang, thats crazy. looks good tho


Kelsey Beck is sick and studying her butt off for her ASL test tomorrow.


Ray Mendes why ohio.. why? and pennsylvania too??


Randy Laker is eating tacos.

Lucy Dreyer haha wow random

Abbey Wright haha i gtg Ttyl …. love ya


Rose Erikson doesn’t like how the Presidential race is turning out…


Scottie Campos is a bit worried… There is still time. It’s failing fast but there is still time.




Crystal Dang : Yay!! mackie lives!!!


Tomas Becker *Obama 174-64 according to CNN*.


Daisy Gideon shutting herself off from the election with a paper!


Alexander Peronel Polley is 174 to 64… on the road to 270 and prayin to God tht Barack gets there first.


Oscar Garrett is aww, man, obama needs less than a 100 to win. Dang.


Cassandra Charles laments the untimely death of her stapler….

Bridget Smith no election-related status for you, miss ORIGINAL?

Cassandra Charles I’m compensating for the rest of America.

Tom Huang lol, good for you. it’s all getting very old…but still exciting!

Jason Harbone haha-good job


Carmela Wheelock is completely stressed out over physics =/.


Simon Robert is OBAMA-175 MCCAIN’T-81.

Caetlin Alink i like your status :-)

Erica Carter I’m gonna punch you both. haha. jk.


Adriana L Cross is hangin in there.


Alexander Peronel Polley is 174 to 49…waiting on Ohio and Florida… on the road to 270 and prayin to God tht Barack gets there first!


Kyle Swan feels bigger than the world!


Isaac Strand *Obama 174-40 accordin to CNN* MY PRESIDENT IS BLACK!


Diana Ansel is good luck McCain. I will be rooting for you.


Jonathan Peterson considers studying abroad a possibility after the outcome of tonight.


Lincoln C Séverin is jus informin those who aint watchin….. ObaMa jus won pennsylvania and is up 102-34 in the electoral votes…. my president is black.


Magdalena Luísa Reed yes i did go all over baylor witha blue face today!

Shanna Wheeler LOL! u go girl OBAMA 08!!!! Woot-woot!!

Jayla Causer Theres the the Magdalena Luísa Reed I KNOW!!! YAY OBAMA!!!!

Agnes Chapman i’m proud :-)


Nina Greyson Lucas enjoyed her free Starbucks Coffee today!


Kamden V Wyatt‘s prediction for the night is that Obama will win with 338 E-Votes to McCain’s 200.

Neela A Woodward I don’t like your prediction…


Jess Cooke is feeling sick.

Kim Clemens sadness :'(

Cynthia Coumans That’s what you get for scaring poor, innocent, unsuspecting souls. It’s God’s wrath, I tell you.

Maria Asher Rose 😉 (hope you’re feeling better soon)


Alexander Peronel Polley is 102 to 34…thank you Pennsylvania! on the road to 270 and prayin to God tht Barack gets there first!


Elisabeth Traci Stone is doing her homework cuz she has to write her paper!!! time to write!


Trent Joncker “…hey, give me some tots, no get your own…”.



Dale Miles Who do you like?

Gillian Sempers I’m listening to Claire De Lune by Debussy right now. It rules.


Hilda Leeuwenhoek is veerrry tired.

Jason Beake try some sleep


Sophia Meyer second chance by shinedown. go listen.


Jean Fitzgerald is crying because obama is winning…..



Interesting to look back. Who knows what the future holds? God only knows.


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