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Two & One

Why do we have two














And eyes?


Yet one














And soul?


Perhaps God


Seeing and foreknowing


The fractures


And divisions of 


Earth and sin


Made woman


And man


To stand in the gaps


And trust and turn


To the One


In the midst of the Many.


Two arms, two hands


One chest


For the ones


Nearest and dearest to us


Will hurt us


And even more


Hurt each other


And we must stand


Between broken hearts


In divorces and separations


Midst hate and dissent


Through moves and goodbyes


Through falls from grace


Through slow fades


And have the courage to hold


The hand of the hurting


And the arm of the abuser


To stand as a link between


Prodigals and abandoned mothers


Former flames


And best friends forever


Wandering souls


And worried companions


One chest filled with courage


Two arms, two hands


Holding the world together.


One body


Two legs, two feet


To stand in a world


That’s always on the move.


Even when standing still


One foot is a second 


Behind the other.


We may live in the present


But we always have


One foot in the future


And one in the past


One foot to stand


With those behind us


Who made us and formed us


Who comforted us


Or tormented us


Our parents and peers


Teachers and fears


Embodied and dying


As time rushes forward


With one foot before us


In eager anticipation


Of someday friends


Spouse and children


Of future vocations


Wherever God leads.


We stand firm


In who He’s made us to be




Married both


To what is coming


And what has come


Two legs, two feet


One body, just one.


And pairs of eyes


Of nostrils


And ears


To see and smell and hear


All the world has to offer.


The world is neither


Black nor white


But black and white


And gray and colorful.


One eye would give us


Poor depth perspective


And poor perspective


Of beauty


Of light


Of right


And wrong


Good and evil


Blessings and curses


Boons and pains.


We need two eyes to see


Both sides of the coin


The issue


The person


The world


And realize that things


Are more complex


Than quick glances


And first impressions.


And two nostrils


Can sniff out


Truth and deceit


As well as clean laundry


And foul smelly feet.


So many things


Waft through the air


Literally and figuratively


Without our conscious awareness


Yet scent is the sense


Most tied to memory


And with each nostril


We bring in the good and the bad


To turn from evil


(Or odorous places)


And move towards good


(And pleasant fields abloom).


Two ears to hear


All things


Melodious and malodious 


Words both fine and unrefined 


Comforting lines


From friend and deceiver


Challenging criticism


From neighbor and foe.


For we do not communicate


With simple neat word bubbles


But gush forth syllables


That befriend and betray


Truth intermingled with


Flattery and envy


Love mixed with spite


Mixed with fear and regret.


Two hears to hear


The moanings and groanings


Of a dying world


And one mind, one heart


To interpret it all.


One mind


To navigate


Between the lines


Through the lies.


One heart to remember


All the broken parts


Of humanity


We face each day.


One mouth to eat


What we can find in the desert


To speak our peace


To kiss and betray.


One gut to intuit


To process and digest


All the garbage and dung


We are fed to decay.


One soul, one body


To grow like a tree


To bloom like a flower


And fade when it’s time.


But though we break


Into a million pieces




Into dirt




Dust again


We shall be resurrected


Whole again


One body, one soul


One with Him again.


But as it is


God has placed


And arranged


The limbs


And organs


In the body


Each particular one of them


Just as He wished


And saw fit


And with the best




For we know


That if the tent


Which is our earthly home


Is destroyed




We have from God


A building


A house not made with hands


Eternal in the heavens.


Here indeed


in this present abode




We sigh


And groan inwardly


Because we yearn


To be clothed over


We yearn


To put on our celestial body


Like a garment


To be fitted out


With our heavenly dwelling.


There is one body


And one Spirit


Just as there is also one hope


That belongs


To the calling you received.


There is one Lord


One faith


One baptism


One God and Father of us all


Who is above all


Sovereign over all


Pervading all


And living in us all.




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