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The Candy Maker

Once upon a time there was a Candy Maker. And he made the world’s best candy. I’m not trying to sell it or try to convince you—it was a fact!  It wasn’t a matter of opinion or taste—His candy was the best candy around.  And no, his name was not Willy Wonka.  Let’s just call him the Candy Maker.

He would stand outside his shop and say, “Come one, come all to the greatest candy store of all! Taste and see that this candy is GOOD!”

People traveled for miles and miles just for the tiniest taste of a jelly bean. They marveled at his candy bars and oohed and ahhed at his bubblegum. People stood in line for hours and hours just to have one bite of fudge! Like I said—the Candy Maker’s candy was the greatest candy in the world. No lie. That’s the truth.

People that visited the Candy Maker’s shop left feeling happy, with a spring in their step and a song in their heart. They shared what candy they purchased with anyone they came across and they savored every bite. This was truly the most delicious, most scrumptdiddliumptious, most smile inducing candy in the world!

But overnight, across the street from the Candy Maker’s shop, another store popped up!  People showed up the next day and were puzzled—what was this store? What did they have? Who was behind it all?  So from the shadows a man appeared, wearing the uniform of the Candy Maker’s shop! His face oozed a slimy smile and he cleared his throat:

“Everyone, come near, and you shall have the best candy in the world! Just one bite and you’ll taste sweet delight!”

People glanced back and forth from the Candy Maker’s shop to this imitation store. “Could it be true?” they whispered. “Is this man’s candy as good as the Candy Maker’s?”

After a few silent seconds, someone stepped forward. The salesman shoved a candy bar in his face. “Chocolate Dream Bar” it read. It looked exactly like the one the Candy Maker sold. Same wrapper, same smell… same taste?  The man unwrapped it, brought it to his mouth and nibbled a corner…

Everyone waited in suspense…

“DELICIOUS!” he cried!  “BEST I’VE EVER TASTED!  I NEED MORE!” He gobbled it down and reached out for another.

The salesman chuckled and shouted, “Don’t worry! There’s plenty to go around!” He grabbed a handful of candy bars from a barrel and threw them into the crowd!

People fought and shoved and almost trampled each other for a candy bar!  They’d gobble one down and wait for another to come flying in. Jelly beans, licorice, gummy worms—the salesman had them all!

Some avoided the mess and headed over to the Candy Maker’s shop.  He stood outside with a look in his eyes… He called out, “Don’t listen to the salesman. His candy is a lie! Come taste this candy and enjoy the sweetest life!”

Some listened… most didn’t.  And before you knew it, the sun set, the shops closed and the people shuffled home. The next day, the crowds returned for more candy… but this time… the ones who had the salesman’s candy were… different. Some moved like zombies… others had sores popping out of their body… others hair had fallen out… and others were clutching their stomachs as they waddled to the salesmans store.

“Give us more,” they cried! “Give us more!” The salesman grinned a green grin and opened the doors to the store as people stormed in!

Again and again, people returned—and the effects of the candy was quite strong. One bite could turn you into a wild bull, bucking for more! But there was hope—one day, a girl stumbled on her way to the salesman’s shop, fell to the ground, and found the Candy Maker bending low to pick her up!

“Come in,” he said calmly. “You don’t need that candy anymore!”  She cried and smiled as people helped her into the Candy Maker’s shop.

Before you knew it, the news started reporting it. People were disappearing, dying, turning to stone or exploding!  The scientists studied the salesman’s candy. It was almost identical to the Candy Maker’s supply—but instead of making you full and happy, it left you feeling empty and hungry for more! The police tried their best, but too many important people were the salesman’s customers.

And the story is not over yet—the Candy Maker still stands outside his shop, calling for anyone who would listen to come in and find the best candy in the world. And the salesman echoes the Candy Maker’s call and gives people poison disguised as candy. People are changed, destroyed, killed by the salesman’s candy… but still they come back for more and more and more—until they are… no more.

The Candy Maker has called in a demolition crew. They’ll be tearing down the salesman’s store someday… and then he’ll be locked up forever. And finally, people will enjoy the Candy Maker’s candy… forever.

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